Sun, Feb 28, 2010

David Stokes | February 28, 2010

In the immediate aftermath of the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961, President John F. Kennedy stood before the nation accepting the total blame for what had happened. He referred to an old saying about victory having a thousand fathers, but defeat being an orphan, and identified himself as the responsible officer in the government. Even though the whole initiative had been first devised and planned by the Eisenhower administration.

Sat, Feb 27, 2010

Doug Giles | February 27, 2010

Why in God’s name would ACORN fold its national name and rebrand itself under a new make and model?

Katie Gage | February 27, 2010

For the last several months, we have seen Big Labor pull every string and work every avenue to force unionization on workers.

Fri, Feb 26, 2010

Hugh Hewitt | February 26, 2010

It seems very likely that if Obamacare is going to be stopped, it will have to happen in the House. And that means turning some of supporters the deeply unpopular bill into opponents with at least enough spine to tell Nancy Pelosi and the president "No."

Rich Tucker | February 26, 2010

Do private companies want to kill their customers? It seems like a goofy question. Clearly, if a company killed its customers, there’d be nobody to buy its products and it’d go out of business.

Kathryn Lopez | February 26, 2010

Make no mistake: If President Barack Obama actually wanted to be the post-partisan agent of Washington change, his health-care summit would have looked a whole lot different than the meeting he recently held across the street from the White House.

Paul Kengor | February 26, 2010

A few years ago, I wrote a book on the faith of Hillary Clinton. Released in 2007, the book flopped, dismissed by conservatives who didn’t believe Hillary believed in God and liberals who didn’t care that Hillary believed in God.

Rich Galen | February 26, 2010

If you are looking for a reasoned and thoughtful analysis of the Health Care Summit yesterday … you're looking in the wrong place. I did not watch a single minute. And I don't regret it at all.

Sandy Rios | February 26, 2010

There’s hardly an evangelical who doesn’t know about Wheaton College. Alma Mater of the Reverend Billy Graham, Wheaton boasts a student body of superior intellect and an education rivaling much of the Ivy League.

Jillian Bandes | February 26, 2010

Obama stacked the deck during the health care summit, giving Democrats twice the speaking time as the GOP. But how well did Republicans punch back?

Michelle Malkin | February 26, 2010

The Oba-Kabuki health care show at Blair House kicked off with a big lie on Thursday morning -- and it all went downhill from there. The taxpayer-funded infomercial backfired by exposing the president's thin skin, the Democrats' naked disingenuousness and the ruling majority's allergies to political and policy realities.

Brent Bozell | February 26, 2010

Fox is having its usual smash with "American Idol," with this season's latest offering beating the Winter Olympics in the ratings. Paula Abdul walked off in a money dispute, Ellen DeGeneres is unexpectedly flat, and the show overall is starting to sag, but it's still just about the best thing on TV.

Jonah Goldberg | February 26, 2010

The longest week I ever spent was the six hours I spent watching Thursday's health-care summit.

David Limbaugh | February 26, 2010

The left's paranoia about the intersection of Christianity and the public square continues unabated. It's amazing how much they fear something that represents such a little threat to them.

Mona Charen | February 26, 2010

On the morning of Nov. 5, 2008, the world rocked to news that the United States had elected Barack Obama to the presidency.

Ken Blackwell | February 26, 2010

Last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) got a lot of media attention. Deservedly so. Some of the speakers were great successes.

Oliver North | February 26, 2010

It's a war the so-called mainstream media apparently have decided to ignore. Though its death toll is higher than Iraq's and Afghanistan's combined, it evidently isn't worth covering; and unless you're reading this in the Southwest, you probably haven't even heard about it.

Pat Buchanan | February 26, 2010

We inherited the worst situation since the Great Depression. That is the reflexive response of President Obama to the troubles from which he has been unable to extract his country.

Michael Gerson | February 26, 2010

Such is the zeal in portions of the tea party right that it is not enough to sweep out living members of the establishment such as John McCain. A brisk, ideological scrubbing must be applied to history as well.

Suzanne Fields | February 26, 2010

Richard Nixon declared War on Cancer in his 1971 State of the Union. Barack Obama devoted one sentence to our investment in promising innovative research in cancer.

David Harsanyi | February 26, 2010

Toyotas have minds of their own, apparently. But not to worry. The U.S. government will smite the robotic menace -- and the company's profits along with it.

Linda Chavez | February 26, 2010

Immigration reform legislation is probably dead this year -- which, no doubt, pleases some conservatives. But the issue isn't going away. And if conservatives hope to become the dominant force in American politics, we need to figure out a way to resolve the problem without alienating the country's fastest growing demographic, Hispanics.

Paul Greenberg | February 26, 2010

Every six years, a great change takes place in those Southern senators who are usually go-along-to-get-along Democrats. Instead of voting with the liberals, they're suddenly transformed into conservatives.

Douglas MacKinnon | February 26, 2010

After Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA, voted in favor of a jobs bill endorsed by President Obama and the majority of Senate Democrats, I immediately heard from a number of Republican friends in and around Washington, D.C. who knew I am a conservative from Massachusetts.

Charles Krauthammer | February 26, 2010

Amazingly, the congressional hearings on Toyota were relatively civilized. Apart from some inevitable theatrical hectoring, the questioning was generally respectful, the emotions controlled.

Meredith Turney | February 26, 2010

One thing is clear from the Healthcare Summit at the Blair House today: the President Congressional Democrats are more committed than ever to forcing their healthcare takeover on a resistant citizenry.

Thu, Feb 25, 2010

Diana West | February 25, 2010

My brother and I have a running conversation about whether it is a good thing that John McCain didn't become president. We both voted for him, but I decided early on, as much as I oppose every Marx-tinged thing President Obama stands for, I was glad Obama had won and McCain had lost.

Michael Reagan | February 25, 2010

Today, many grassroots Republicans, Independents and Tea Party members across the country are beginning to feel a hint of buyer's remorse over the most recent addition to United States Senate -- Republican Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

Cliff May | February 25, 2010

Very few Muslim-majority countries are free countries. A Muslim who wants to speak his mind without fear, practice his religion as he chooses, and vote for or against politicians in fair elections is better off living in the West.

Michael Barone | February 25, 2010

You are victims. You are helpless against the wiles of big corporations and insurance companies, and you need protection. You need the government to take over and do things you cannot do for yourself.

Victor Davis Hanson | February 25, 2010

The United States may very well owe a crushing $20 trillion by 2020. And thus President Obama last week named a bipartisan commission to find ways to address our national debt.

Larry Elder | February 25, 2010

MSNBC's "Countdown" show host, Keith Olbermann, recently claimed that today's "federal budget debt" is "far less than it was throughout the Reagan administration." Is he right?

Mike Adams | February 25, 2010

I was recently made aware of a new sign that adorns (or adorned) the door of the women’s faculty restroom in the S&B building at UNC – Wilmington.

Cal Thomas | February 25, 2010

When Republicans regain a majority in the House and Senate -- either this fall, as seems increasingly likely, or in the election following -- they must learn from their previous mistakes when they last held power.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | February 25, 2010

With Democrats holding the presidency, a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, you might think that they could pass whatever legislation they want.

Debra J. Saunders | February 25, 2010

With the other name Democrats out of the race, Attorney General Jerry Brown basically has a lock on his party's primary election. That's good for Brown, who won't have to blow millions of dollars on a primary. But it's only good if Brown can win in November.

Jillian Bandes | February 25, 2010

The Toyota show trials are more like an episode of Judge Judy than an actual investigation by Congressional committees.

Matt Towery | February 25, 2010

My recent bouts of vertigo, and the fall and concussion that resulted from one of them, meant that I was unable to attend the funeral services for a great American, Al Haig.

Emmett Tyrrell | February 25, 2010

I am beginning to think of Afghan President Hamid Karzai as Hamid Karzai, D-Afghanistan. The way he inveighs against troops who are fighting to secure his government in that inhospitable realm sounds very much like Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill.

Steve Chapman | February 25, 2010

Barack Obama has often modeled his policies on Franklin Roosevelt. Lately, though, he's been coming across more as Richard Nixon Lite.

David Gratzer | February 25, 2010

On Monday President Obama suggested that rising insurance premiums are a problem and that bipartisan ideas are welcome. And then he touted the latest “new” idea: tough federal powers to review and reject insurance premium increases.

George Will | February 25, 2010

Today's health policy "summit" comes at a moment when, as happens with metronomic regularity, Washington is reverberating with lamentations about government being "broken." Such talk occurs only when the left's agenda is stalled.

David Hyman | February 25, 2010

H.L. Mencken once observed that for every human problem, there is a solution that is “neat, plausible, and wrong.” Exhibit A is the House Democrats’ proposal to eliminate the antitrust exemption granted to health insurance companies by the McCarran-Ferguson Act.

Wed, Feb 24, 2010

Ann Coulter | February 24, 2010

Inasmuch as Obamacare has a snowball's chance in hell of passing (but did you see how much snow they got in hell last week?), everyone is wondering what President Obama is up to by calling Republicans to a televised Reykjavik summit this week to discuss socializing health care.

Marybeth Hicks | February 24, 2010

Earlier this month, President Obama created a task force on childhood obesity to be headed by Michelle Obama, who has taken up the issue as her public-service cause under the banner "Let's Move."

Rich Galen | February 24, 2010

It doesn't take a PhD in history to figure out that the reason President Obama is so closely - make that, utterly - focused on health care reform is because he and his people have decided this will be his FDR moment.

Robert Knight | February 24, 2010

It’s one thing to stick to your goals in the face of adversity. That reflects strong character. It’s another thing to be tone deaf and arrogant.

Maggie Gallagher | February 24, 2010

Here are words I never expected to say: I have sympathy for Tiger Woods. Who is responsible for this strange epiphany on my part?

Thomas Sowell | February 24, 2010

Tiger Woods doesn't owe me an apology. Nothing that he has ever done has cost me a dime nor an hour of sleep.

Michelle Malkin | February 24, 2010

The White House wants to play Transparency Olympics with the Tea Party movement. So, let's start by knocking down Attorney General Eric Holder's national security stonewall at the Department of Justice, shall we? Let the sun shine in.

John Stossel | February 24, 2010

People suffer and die because the government "protects" us. It should protect us less and respect our liberty more.

Brent Bozell | February 24, 2010

When Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana announced last week he wasn't running for re-election, he didn't state what may have seemed obvious. He couldn't say he wanted to avoid the embarrassment of losing, or that he worried he'd never achieve national office if that happened. Instead, he launched into a lecture about what was wrong with everyone else. The government is "dysfunctional" with "brain-dead partisanship."

Jonah Goldberg | February 24, 2010

Lincoln Steffens, the muckraking journalist, offered that review of the Soviet Union on his return from a fact-finding mission there.

Tony Blankley | February 24, 2010

If you want to see broken government, consider the fall of the constitutional Roman Republic and the rise of Julius Caesar.

Ken Blackwell | February 24, 2010

Ronald Reagan used to say of the Soviets they liked the arms race a whole lot better when they were the only ones in it. The same could be said of Al Gore and Global Warming—oops, excuse me: Climate Change.

Michael Medved | February 24, 2010

Leftwing activists love to make the case for gay rights by associating the struggles of today’s homosexuals with the long, heroic battle for racial justice in the Civil Rights movement.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | February 24, 2010

The Republican Party should send its doctors to the White House for the health care summit Barack Obama is staging right before he tries to ram through his Obamacare legislation.

Michael Gerson | February 24, 2010

On health care reform, the strategy of President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders is psychologically understandable -- as well as delusional.

Terry Jeffrey | February 24, 2010

The welfare state and your life savings are two cars heading down a one-lane road in opposite directions. One must yield, or there will be a crash.

Ben Shapiro | February 24, 2010

On Feb. 20, 2003, Professor Sami Al-Arian of the University of South Florida was arrested by the Department of Justice for his leadership of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a designated terrorist organization.

David Harsanyi | February 24, 2010

What are we to make of the Republican Party's future now that libertarian Rep. Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll at the well-attended Conservative Political Action Conference last week?

Austin Bay | February 24, 2010

Iran's wicked conditions prior to Barack Obama's fanciful "no preconditions" now present themselves -- with the mullahs' rogue nuclear program 13 months closer to producing a bomb.

Jacob Sullum | February 24, 2010

Constitutional conservatism certainly sounds better than "compassionate conservatism," which turned out to be code for big-government conservatism.

Ed Feulner | February 24, 2010

For more than two centuries, Americans displayed a love of politics -- and debate. Often the debates boiled down to a fundamental question: What’s the proper role of government in a free society?

J. T. Young | February 24, 2010

Welcome to Washington in 3-D: deficits, debt, and denial, that is. The continuing deterioration in America’s fiscal figures has indeed added another dimension to the nation’s capital.

Ken Klukowski | February 24, 2010

Can the government forbid you from talking with terrorists? The Supreme Court heard arguments in an antiterrorism case presenting this First Amendment issue.

Joel Mowbray | February 24, 2010

With attendance bursting at the seams, this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference clearly benefited from the new recruits and fresh energy stirred up by the nascent tea party movement.

Tue, Feb 23, 2010

Maggie Gallagher | February 23, 2010

Here are words I never expected to say: I have sympathy for Tiger Woods.

Donald Lambro | February 23, 2010

When presidents can't make the tough decisions on the vexing problems that confront government, they pass the buck by appointing a commission to come up with some answers.

Paul Greenberg | February 23, 2010

Technically I was off last week, entertaining a couple of visiting grandchildren from up East, but I couldn't resist sneaking over to the arena one evening for the Big Show featuring Sarah Palin, the Molly Pitcher of our time.

Armstrong Williams | February 23, 2010

One quickly realizes the major philosophical and principle divide between liberals and conservatives when they painfully deconstruct and analyze their respective rhetoric.

Thomas Sowell | February 23, 2010

During bad times, the blame game is the biggest game in Washington. Wall Street "greed" or "predatory" lenders seem to be favorite targets to blame for our current economic woes.

Chuck Norris | February 23, 2010

To think that last year at this time, the mainstream media and Washington politicians were either completely overlooking them or labeling those patriot gatherings as extreme and wacky fringe resistances.

Mike Adams | February 23, 2010

It is a truism to say that there are many anti-gun ideologues among our educational elites. But few are as honest as Doug Van Gorder – a math teacher at Brockton High School.

David Limbaugh | February 23, 2010

How long will it take for every last American to realize President Barack Obama is not about bipartisanship, reconciliation (other than as a process to cram his health care bill through Congress) and uniting Americans?

Mona Charen | February 23, 2010

Amnesty International has been a handmaiden of the left for as long as I can remember. Founded in 1961 to support prisoners of conscience, it has managed since then to ignore the most brutal regimes and to aim its fire at the West and particularly at the United States.

Cal Thomas | February 23, 2010

If Tiger Woods confesses to private acts after they became public -- and takes three months to do so -- should the public accept his confession and forgive him?

Dennis Prager | February 23, 2010

One of the major differences between the right and the left concerns the question of authority: To whom do we owe obedience and who is the ultimate moral authority?

Pat Buchanan | February 23, 2010

A decade ago, Oldsmobile went. Last year, Pontiac. Saturn, Saab and Hummer were discontinued. A thousand GM dealerships shut down. And the same may be about to happen to the American Imperium.

Debra J. Saunders | February 23, 2010

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced what amounts to the end of its investigation of former Bush administration lawyers Jay Bybee and John Yoo for writing the 2002 memos that authorized the CIA to use enhanced interrogation techniques.

Humberto Fontova | February 23, 2010

Back in August 2009 BB (Before Scott Brown) CNN was frantically producing infomercials for Obama’s healthcare plan. Lucky for them Michael Moore had a handy supply of valuable footage from his infomercials for Castro’s healthcare plan.

Phyllis Schlafly | February 23, 2010

President Barack Obama's budget has added more than $100 billion of federal taxpayers' money to what is called "education," so that means it will be spent by alumni of the Saul Alinsky school of radical community organizing and/or the Chicago Democratic machine.

James Copland | February 23, 2010

Ironically, Al Franken’s first legislative accomplishment—a sop to the personal-injury bar—has formed the punch-line for late-night comedy skits as well as yet more lies from the lawsuit industry and its apologists.

John Hawkins | February 23, 2010

The little feet you may have been hearing pitter-patter back into the public square? They belong to advocates of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Carrie Lukas | February 23, 2010

The American public has become familiar with many new political phrases since the start of the Obama administration: Jobs saved or created. Bending the cost curve. And, of course, green jobs. As with all political catch-phrase, Americans should be warned: what they think the term means and the actual policies advanced in its name are often very different things.

Mon, Feb 22, 2010

Ashley Herzog | February 22, 2010

There’s nothing liberals love more than stalking conservatives with video cameras in the hopes of catching them saying something offensive. Therefore, it’s surprising that virtually no liberal blogs have posted a video from last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Byron York | February 22, 2010

South Carolina is a lovely place, and its attractions bring thousands of tourists each year, but lately it has been getting a special class of visitor.

Paul Greenberg | February 22, 2010

Thank you, Oregon voters, for doing your best to boost the fortunes of all the rest of us out here in the good old, investment-hungry U.S. of A.

Nick Rizzuto | February 22, 2010

As President Obama's approval numbers continue to spiral downward, the left has purposefully tried to tie the increasingly popular small government conservative movement to the largely fringe "birthers".

Jamie Weinstein | February 22, 2010

While the 2012 Presidential election is some distance away, the Conservative Political Action Conference held last week in Washington, DC gave us our first look at what the Republican primary might look like.

Matt Patterson | February 22, 2010

In 2003, then state senator Obama was videotaped telling an audience "I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer universal health care program...A single-payer health care plan, a universal health care plan."

Frank Gaffney | February 22, 2010

Ronald Reagan the actor once famously screamed on screen "Where's the rest of me?!" after waking in a hospital to discover that a sadistic surgeon had amputated both of his legs.

Marvin Olasky | February 22, 2010

...that includes the preborn, the apparently vegetative, and the spiritually unconscious

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | February 22, 2010

Last week Sarah Palin appeared on Bill O’Reilley’s show discussing a crude joke levied at her on the animated television show - “The Family Guy.” For those who may not have seen either the show itself or the O’Reilly interview, here’s what happened.

Rich Galen | February 22, 2010

how tired are you of the Great Health Care Debate of 2009-2010 and Beyond? President Obama has invited Democrat and Republican leaders from the House and Senate to a meeting at Blair House on Thursday to discuss health care reform.

Michael Barone | February 22, 2010

Like everyone who gets elected president, Barack Obama entered office brimming with confidence, convinced he could end the hostility of the Iranian mullahs, Islamist terrorists, the leaders of China and Russia, and the likes of Hugo Chavez.

Star Parker | February 22, 2010

Black History Month 2010 is not a great time for a party. Unemployment at almost 10%, and well over 16% among blacks, doesn’t make for much of a festive mood.

Mike Adams | February 22, 2010

I do not do interviews with the school newspaper because it has a 100% rate of error in representing my opinions. This is not because the reporters tend to be stupid. It is because they tend to be liberal.

Joseph C. Phillips | February 22, 2010

Even as a bloodbath looms in the November distance, the Obama administration continues to push healthcare because they know that Americans love their entitlements like winos love wine.

Jillian Bandes | February 22, 2010

The final day of CPAC, saw addresses from John Bolton, Rick Santorum, Ann Coulter, and Glenn Beck. The speeches ranged from grave seriousness to over-the-top humor, and record crowds packed the auditoriums.

Bill Murchison | February 22, 2010

It's moments like this one -- our Health Care Moment, we could call it -- that make numerous friends of democracy and good government want to pull the covers over their heads and leave a wake-up call for next month.

Carol Platt Liebau | February 22, 2010

At the dawn of the Obama administration, there were some optimistic conservatives who refused to buy the media-peddled scenario of the new age of liberal dominance.

Bruce Bialosky | February 22, 2010

Recently I delivered a speech that reviewed the first year of the Obama Presidency. While I tried to cover all the relevant topics over the past 12 months, a friend who attended later wrote me to express surprise that I had not spoken about illegal immigration.

Sun, Feb 21, 2010

Paul Jacob | February 21, 2010

Some people do not submit to tyranny. They should be honored. And emulated.

David Stokes | February 21, 2010

The other day, President Barack Obama met with the Tibetan Dali Lama in the White House—doing so in the Map Room as opposed to the Oval Office in an apparent attempt to mute any “official” aura for the meeting.

Salena Zito | February 21, 2010

It is probably fair to say that U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, D-Pa., started it all. He perceived, long before anyone else, that this will not be the year of the incumbent.

Austin Hill | February 21, 2010

“I spent the weekend in Vancouver. As always, the Olympics were inspiring. But in case you didn’t hear the late-breaking news, the gold medal in the downhill was taken away from American Lindsey Vonn.

Debra J. Saunders | February 21, 2010

Earlier this month, former Gov. Pete Wilson sent out a letter calling on good Republicans to "unite" behind former eBay CEO Meg Whitman's bid for governor.

Steve Chapman | February 21, 2010

From listening to the more vigorous critics of illegal immigration, our porous borders are a grave threat to safety. Not only can foreign terrorists sneak in to target us, but the most vicious criminals are free to walk in and inflict their worst on innocent Americans.

George Will | February 21, 2010

Hear now the calm, collected voice of a scientist lavishly honored by progressives, Rajendra Pachauri.

Ken Connor | February 21, 2010

It was all laughs for Al Gore last November when he hit the media circuit to promote his new book and educate the ignorant masses about the imminent threat of catastrophic climate change. He had the rapt attention of the politicians and the pundits and the celebrities.