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Here's the Only Late-Night Show That Hasn't Been Affected by the Writers' Striker

Screenshot via Fox News

As Leah covered on Tuesday, many of the late-night shows have been affected by the writers' strike. Except Fox News "Gutfeld!," that is, since the show was able to air on all new episode. While the bulk of host Greg Gutfeld's monologue was about Hunter Biden being the dead beat dad that he is, Gutfeld did address the bind his fellow late-night hosts are presently in.


Before discussing Hunter Biden, Gutfeld welcomed the audience with a "Happy Tuesday everyone, especially my fellow late-night hosts, or what's left of them. James Corden is on his way back to England, but the rest of them are all shut down because their writers are on strike. That's one sure way to make those shows funnier," he quipped. 

"Who knew they had writers? That's like finding out Brian Stelter had a personal trainer," Gutfeld also joked, finding a way to include a favorite target of his, leading guest Tyrus to mention it's "never over."

"But on 'Gutfeld!,' my writers don't strike," Gutfeld continued. "I strike the writers," as he showed a clip from "Spartacus" and warned "and that's for writing a good joke."

"Anyway, the only collective bargaining around here is who gets to shave my back," the host quipped before turning to how "there's big news out of Batesville, Arkansas," offering "that has to be the first time anybody ever said that."

Batesville is where Hunter Biden is going to court as he and his lawyers have been dragging his feet every step of the way when it comes to taking responsibility for the 4-year-old daughter he fathered with Lunden Roberts. She is trying to keep child support payments at $20,000 per month. 

In response to Hunter trying to have his payments reduced, Gutfeld offered, "I don't blame him," as "all those foreign energy jobs for unqualified crack addicts have since dried up."


President Joe Biden himself plays a role, as he and First Lady Jill Biden have denied their 7th grandchild, including when it comes to leaving her out of the Christmas stockings. They have acknowledged the dog, though with a stocking, as Judge Jeanine Pirro also pointed out later in the program. 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also refused to answer questions about the matter, specifically Biden not acknowledging his grandchild, during Tuesday's press briefing

Gutfeld also used the president's own words against him to highlight the situation. "But someone's gotta take care of that kid, since according to her MIA grandpa, there's no such thing as someone else's child." He then played a clip from the president speaking last year using those exact words, "there's no such thing as someone else's child, our nation's children are all our children."

The host even brought Vice President Kamala Harris into the mix. "Yet Joe keeps on ignoring his grandkid. He's pretending she doesn't exist so much it's starting to make Kamala jealous!"

Gutfeld continued to make digs at the Biden family, including how he won't give the child his name. "But at this point why would anybody want the Biden name," since "it's more sullied after Joe's Depends after Mexican night at the nursing home cafeteria!" He suggested "they should just change it to a name with less baggage, you know, like Cosby."


And, when it comes to how Hunter claims he can't make payments, Gutfeld reminded, "It's no secret Hunter pocketed millions from shady foreign deals and cushy board positions, but now his lawyers argue that he's gotten nothing," quipping, "I guess Hunter must be paying the lawyers in White House silverware" and that "he wanted to sell his blood, but how safe is that, I'd rather get a transfusion from raw poultry."

The income that Hunter does supposedly make comes from his paintings, which Gutfeld suggested hangs somewhere in China. "Right now there's a filthy rich businessman in Beijing taking a dump in one of his eight bathrooms, staring at a half a million dollar painting that resembles a placemat spackled with Skittle vomit." 

With regards to those buyers being kept secret, Gutfeld quipped that "apparently they're more important to Joe than classified documents," as the screen showed the documents he kept in the garage.

Both parties have to disclose their payments and Hunter has to appear in person for court, made "worse" since Hunter "has to wear pants."

"So leave it to a baby mama to finally take Hunter and the Bidens down, because the Feds certainly aren't doing it," Gutfeld perfectly put it. 

To sum it all up quite nicely, Gutfeld said that "Hunter's personal sexual habits aren't my concerns. Sleep with all the hookers and strippers you want... but your dad should stop lecturing us on compassion, tolerance, and caring for other people's brats when he can't do it himself."


Later in the program, Gutfeld at one point also joked about the writer's strike situation as he wondered aloud "are my writers on strike?"

"Gutfeld!" premiered in April of 2021, and has since brought in particularly impressive ratings. It's the first to overtake "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" since January 2017 and has also topped the show for three months in total viewers and for one month in the A25-54 demo category. 

The most recent numbers show that in April the show averaged 1.8 million viewers--including 272,000 viewers in the A25-54 demo category and 163,000 in the A18-49 demo category--allowing it to remain the second-most watched program of the late-night shows. 

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