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The Deadbeat Granddad

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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

During an event at the White House this week, President Joe Biden was asked how many grandchildren he has. In typical Biden fashion, he stumbled through his answer, but not because of his usual lack of cognitive recall.

Instead, Biden paused to think about which grandchild he wasn't supposed to accidentally admit exists. 

"I left somebody out, didn't I?" Biden said after a question from a child on bring your kid to work day. "Let me see, I've got one in New York, two in Philadelphia, no, three…I don't know… they're all around." 

For years the media has fawned over Joe Biden's role as a grandfather, whose grandkids call him "pop." 

"Joe Biden says he has a strict rule about his phone: No matter what's happening, he always answers a call from one of his grandchildren," CNN reported in April 2021. "He checks in on his grandchildren with almost religious devotion, often reaching out multiple times a week, according to two people familiar with the first family's habits. 'No topic is off limits,' one of them said, even if 'sometimes the kids don't want to tell him everything.'"

But in April 2023, there is a topic that is off limits: the acknowledgment of a cousin and another Biden grandchild. 

That grandchild is the daughter of Hunter Biden, the smartest person President Biden says he knows, and her name is Navy Jones. She's four years old, and her mother, Lunden Roberts, has been fighting with her father for child support and the use of the Biden name. Hunter Biden, who made tens of millions in overseas business dealings and often stays at one of the many Biden homes, claims in court he's broke. He refuses to pay up or comply with court orders and paternity tests showing he is, in fact, the father. According to reports, he's been hiding out in the White House, enabled by his father, to avoid being served yet another lawsuit for compliance by Roberts. 

For Navy Jones, the Biden family pretends she doesn't exist. During Christmas at the White House, First Lady Jill Biden diligently hangs six stockings for the grandchildren. There should be seven. 

In November, President Biden held a wedding for his granddaughter Naomi Biden at the White House. Vogue, whose photographers beat out news media journalists for access on the big day, published a lengthy spread about the event. 

"On the Tuesday evening before her wedding, under the watchful eye of a Secret Service agent, Naomi Biden, 28, and her soon-to-be husband, Peter Neal, 25, came downstairs from their living quarters on the third floor of the White House residence to practice their first dance," the magazine wrote. "A few days later, at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 19, the young couple, both lawyers—Naomi at the Washington, DC, firm Arnold & Porter, and Peter at the Georgetown Law Center on National Security—married on a crisp and cloudless day on the South Lawn in front of 250 family members and friends." 

Navy Jones will never experience the same fairytale. 

We all know Hunter is a scum bag, to say the least. His latest refusal to pay child support and alleged hiding in the White House to avoid being served proves it. But we also know that while President Biden may treat the rest of his grandkids with love and care, when it comes to Navy Jones, he's a deadbeat granddad. 


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