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GoFundMe Backs Down on Taking Money Away from Canadian Truckers to Be Redistributed

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP


After threats of investigation of from Florida over failure to automatically refund donations to those who had donated to Canadian truckers, GoFundMe has decided to reverse course, Timothy Nerozzi reported for FOX Business. The crowdfunding site, which on Friday announced it had frozen the donations, was initially having those who donated request a refund, otherwise it was going to redistribute the donations to other charities.


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) called the initial plan "a fraud" and tweeted on Saturday morning that he was going to work with Attorney General Ashley Moody "to investigate these deceptive practices."


The plight of Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates and other restrictions to do with the Wuhan coronavirus has taken a disquieting turn with GoFundMe freezing the approximately 10 million Canadian dollars. As if that were not bad enough, though, the funds will not be automatically returned to the people who made donations. Rather they have to request a full refund, and have until February 19, 2022, which is two weeks away. 

Ezra Levant of Rebel News tweeted the GoFundMe update.

As Levant mentioned in his lengthy thread, and as I discussed on Sunday in light of news that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had fled his home, the truckers have also been maligned by public officials and the media there. 


Levant also tweeted how this says something about the truckers, who will not be deterred, but also the pro-mandate crowd as well.

He even asked for outside foreign help, too.


Not only has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused truckers of furthering "hate, abuse, and racism," but other elected officials have smeared them, such as Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, as has the police force. In addition to cracking down on the truckers, the police force is threatening officers with an investigation if they provide any kind of support to the truckers.

Among tweeting other things about the truckers, which has been thoroughly highlighted by Convoy Reports at Rebel News, the Ottawa Police Force called on other crowdfunding sites to follow suit in blocking funds. Convoy Reports also pointed out that crime is actually down in Ottawa. 

Canadian civil rights have been threatened throughout the pandemic in other ways, as well. Last month, Quebec announced it planned to impose a health tax on the unvaccinated. Those who were unvaccinated could also only shop in stores of a certain size while accompanied by employees, to ensure they only purchase food or pharmacy items, as Leah reported.


And, last May I covered the plight of Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski who was arrested, along with his brother, by a SWAT team, on a busy highway for "inciting" people to go to church despite lockdown orders. 

NewsBusters' Dan Gainor tweeted a recommendation that people who donated money contact their state attorney general and demand an investigation. 

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