No Going Back Now: Senate Votes to End Debate on $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

Posted: Aug 08, 2021 9:45 PM
No Going Back Now: Senate Votes to End Debate on $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

Source: AP Photo/Mark Tenally

On Sunday evening, the U.S. Senate voted to end debate by invoking cloture on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. The final vote will come on Tuesday, at the latest.

A particularly noteworthy vote, as it is a new addition, is from Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS).

In the other direction is Sen. Todd Young (R-IN), who previously voted to invoke cloture. The senator, who is up for re-election in 2022, cited an analysis released Thursday from the the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which revealed that "On net, the legislation would add $256 billion to projected deficits over that [2021-2031] period."

While the senator may not have revealed to Raju whether or not Trump's opposition got to him, it is surely on the minds of some senators, especially those who are up for re-election, as Young is. 

The former president made his opposition to the infrastructure package well known, and also took a direct shot at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), as he frequently does. McConnell's support has been key, though he has expressed the need to give Republican amendments their proper consideration. 

Trump took aim at McConnell in a previous statement as well. "Joe Biden's infrastructure bill is a disgrace. If Mitch McConnell was smart, which we've seen no evidence of, he would use the debt ceiling card to negotiate a good infrastructure package," he said.

He also warned it could spell trouble for 2022 and 2024, including when it comes to an endorsement from Trump, who is still very much influential in the GOP. "Joe Biden's infrastructure bill will be used against the Republican Party in the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024. It will be very hard for me to endorse anyone foolish enough to vote in favor of this deal," the former president said.

As Katie and Matt have highlighted, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is in many ways a liberal dream with all that's included. 

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