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'The View' Joins the Chorus in Racist Attacks Against Tim Scott

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The ladies of "The View" aren't exactly bastions of unique or intelligent arguments. So when they joined in on the bandwagon going after Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) for being chosen to give the rebuttal to President Joe Biden's joint address before Congress, it wasn't exactly surprising. It never gets less disgusting, though.


During Thursday's episode, the various hosts weighed in. Sunny Hostin emphasized in her take that she was "disappointed," in part because Sen. Scott used "buzzed words like 'socialism'" and espoused "Republican ideology." 

She questioned why the senator was chosen, pointing out "I was disappointed that he said 'America is not a racist country,' without also talking about the systemic racism that is plaguing this country. I mean why was he chosen to give this rebuttal," Hostin asked. "He was chosen because he is the only black Republican senator. He is that person. He is the person that Republicans want to put out front, because of the problem of racism in this country, and he knows that," she offered, with fake cheer. "And so I was sort of disappointed that he was used in this way, and didn't take that opportunity to address this type of issue, head on, that was a disappointment to me."


That an accomplished black man is only seen as a token as his party rather than his own accomplishments is perhaps the most racist take of all. It's also lazy; when Sen. Scott spoke at the RNC this past August, the liberal media weighed with the same old, oft-repeated insults. Tommy Craggs, writing for Mother Jones "How Badly Did They Want to Say the N-Word? RNC, Day 1," is only one example of many. MSNBC's Joy Reid is also calling Sen. Scott out on a regular basis. 

Co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, respectively, were "appalled" and "bothered" by how Sen. Scott didn't address "systemic racism to their liking."

It's worth wondering if the co-hosts were aware that Vice President Kamala Harris actually agrees with Sen. Scott, more or less, that "America is not a racist country." As to why Sen. Scott was chosen? He "is that person," if we're talking about someone who is a qualified and accomplished United States Senator who had thoughtful remarks to share in a rebuttal as someone from the opposing party of the president. 

While the co-hosts seem to have watched the speech,  it's apparent they took away from it what they wanted to. 


Fortunately, Meghan McCain, who frequently is the sole voice of reason, stuck up for the senator as "a huge fan of his" who thinks "he's a bright future of the Republican Party." McCain pointed out that, which cannot be underscored enough, Sen. Scott was trending under "Uncle Tim" not only because he shared his inspiring family story, which the Washington Post saw fit to 'fact-check,' but because "he went on to explain policy reasons why he's a Republican." She was particularly "disgusted" when offering her take that it looks to be "okay to be racist and use racial slurs towards Black men, as long as they are Republican."

You can watch the complete segment in the YouTube clips below.

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