Jimmy Kimmel's Interview with Hunter Biden Will Make You Cringe

Posted: Apr 09, 2021 9:15 PM

Jimmy Kimmel's Thursday night interview with Hunter Biden should make you wonder if he can get any worse. That's a tough ask, as the late-night host is hardly funny and hardly fair with his political commentary.

The interview advertises a discussion on "Crack Addiction, Political Divide, Ukraine, Donald Trump Jr, Laptop & Finding Love," which was a plug for his memoir, "Beautiful Things." I watched the interview so you don't have to. You're welcome. 

Crack addiction.

About half of the interview above discussed Biden's crack addiction, a major part of his memoir.

Kimmel went into the interview discussing how much he learned about crack from Hunter's book, with many laugh lines, including Biden doing crack places where Kimmel ate and that the book is "not a how to manual" for getting crack. Biden and the audience found it particularly hilarious when Kimmel asked if Biden got crack from guys dressed as Spiderman. "Some things I don't recall, exactly," Biden said with a laugh.

Biden went into the "why" of his crack addiction, which is "because it works, at first, until it doesn't." Kimmel took away from this aspect of the book that it was "a very vivid and detailed description of what it feels like to use crack. I have not used crack, but I do feel like I understand it now."

In talking about a friend of his whom he did crack with, Biden said that "I don't think anybody chooses that life" of drugs. "What I really wanted to write the book for is to humanize people suffering from addiction. But also I wrote the book, more than anything, it's a love letter to the people loving someone struggling with addiction." He emphasized a sense of "hope" and "family."

Political Divide

What was rather hilarious--unintentionally so, considering there were no laugh or applause reactions--was Biden sharing "the thing I hope is that my dad bring back is his genuine desire to take some of that toxicity out again." President Biden has talked a big talk about "unity," but has nothing to show for it, evidenced by his partisan cabinet picks, partisan legislation, "Neanderthal" comments, and untruthfully throwing Georgia's election reform law under the bus. 


Kimmel read an excerpt of Biden's memoir. "You wrote 'did I make a mistake by taking a seat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company? No. Did I display a lack of judgment. No. Would I do it again? No.'" Biden went on to reaffirm what he wrote. "However, what I didn't take into account was the way in which they would use the perception against my dad. And for that I wouldn't do it again for that reason," he said. 

It's always someone else's fault. 

Donald Trump Jr. 

The two were in giggles over how "wildly comical" it is that Donald Trump Jr. offered Biden is where he is because of his family privilege. 

Biden went on to make curious implications when it comes to how he hasn't met Trump Jr., with a clarification of "not that I know of." Kimmel and he laughed about how Biden has been to "some pretty rough places."


Kimmel, oh so casually, mentioned he's seen Biden give interviews on the laptop, which "became this big thing." Turning back to Biden's crack addiction, with more giggles, Kimmel came to Biden's defense. "You say you don't know, which is hard to believe, unless you read the book, and then it's kind of like, I'm surprised you have shoes on." Biden and Kimmel even joked "pants are the problem." Hunter emphasized "I don't know" and that it's "a red herring." Matt provided another take when it comes to that laptop, which is Biden's.

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Derek Hunter

Finding Love

Kimmel and Biden laughed about Biden's very quick courtship with his now wife.  The story earned applause from the audience. Kimmel, who had said on paper this didn't seem to look good, figured he'd go "oh no, oh no, no, no" if he were President Biden. 

Biden ought to be known for cozying up to his brother's widow and impregnating a stripper, who then had to drag him to court so he would pay child support. Yet a quick courtship is what Kimmel says people would go "oh no" about?

There was no mention of the bizarre gun Biden illegally purchased but was not charged with a crime for, which Katie and Beth reported on. Biden illegally purchased the gun by lying his drug use on a form to do so, which was also thrown away. Secret Service got involved. There were no charges filed, though. Meanwhile, his father advocates for gun control and even signed executive orders on the issue. Gun control for thee, but not me for the Biden family. 

Who cares who points out where Hunter Biden comes from and who he is? He is able to get away with what he did, and talk so casually about it because he is privileged.