Just Days Before the Election, Cunningham Does Not Deny Second Adulterous Affair

Posted: Oct 30, 2020 9:30 AM
Just Days Before the Election, Cunningham Does Not Deny Second Adulterous Affair

Source: AP Photo/Gerry Broome

With just days until the general election, North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (D) still declined to substantially address the multiple allegations, which come with tangible proof, about his extramarital affairs. 

Cunningham took responsibility for the first adulterous affair that became public knowledge, but as more claims surfaced, he has since dodged questions on his conduct. When asked by WRAL about allegations of a second affair during a campaign event on Thursday, Cunningham declined to comment further but did not deny the additional affair.

Reporter: "In terms of the report of a second affair. Can you comment on that at all?”

Cunningham: “Look, respectfully, I’ve said what I’m going to say about this. I’m happy to talk about the issues that the voters are bringing up with me.”

Incumbent GOP Sen. Thom Tillis pointed out that Cunningham built his candidacy on “truth” but will not be honest with voters about his extramarital relationships.

“You can trust me to keep my promises and I'll continue to deliver results for NC families. My opponent, on the other hand, ran an entire campaign on truth and honor but won't even be straight with you about how many affairs he's had,” Sen. Tillis wrote in a tweet. “His entire candidacy was one big lie.”

Cunningham's first adulterous relationship, in which he was involved with the wife of a fellow veteran, is under investigation by the Army Reserve and resulted in a complaint filed with the Department of Defense Inspector General. While Cunningham potentially violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice, veterans are rallying behind Sen. Tillis. Many argue that the Democratic challenger is the "ultimate hypocrite" who "dishonored" his military status. Sen. Tillis drew a distinction between the two candidates on Thursday, as the competitive Senate race draws to a close:

The public’s knowledge of the affairs, and Cunningham’s egregious handling of his own mistakes, have tilted the race slightly in Sen. Tillis’ favor. Before his nationally-watched sex scandal stained the final month of his Senate bid, Cunningham held a lead over the incumbent Republican.

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