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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

You all saw how Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) raked Dr. Anthony Fauci over the coals for his COVID nonsense regarding mask-wearing post-vaccination. It was quite a smackdown. Paul aptly noted that re-infection from those who have already had the disease was virtually nil. The point Paul was driving home centered on immunity. Why should those who have acquired immunity from COVID continue to wear masks? It’s a simple question because it does seem like “theater” when Fauci and the rest of his lockdown regime acolytes say that we have to continue to socially distance and wear masks into 2022. You know they’re just going to keep pushing back the date in which we can see some semblance of normalcy. Like the government, they’re addicted to power. Fauci tried to pivot saying he was only talking about those not infected, but it’s quite clear that he and his crew want everyone double-masked up until forever. That’s not going to happen. 


Fauci also didn’t like how Paul trashed his advice as theater, but it was deserved. These people have been wrong about almost everything on COVID. Now, we can be three feet apart, not six. When did that change? When you don’t know anything, you can’t destroy people’s livelihoods. There are things called elections, and we didn’t elect any of these COVID clowns. The big top has fallen, and no one should listen. Period.  

It gets worse when CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, tries to defend Fauci’s mask remarks but ends up peddling more idiocy about how viruses mutate. 

“The virus learns how to, sort of, adapt and mutate now to a vaccinated person. Exposing vaccinated people to the virus, you could start to inspire more and more mutations,” said Gupta in his defense of Fauci which also torched why anyone should even get the vaccine. It harkens back to an old stand-up routine of comedian Lewis Black who discussed health and the experts in this field, where he said these folks think they know but don’t—and they all threaten us with that rectal thermometer in their pocket. 


For a nation already on edge regarding vaccines in general, pretty much peddling the narrative of ‘you can get the shot, but it won’t matter’ really doesn’t drive confidence. You can’t have it both ways, and the Democrats, the liberal media, and their woke medical allies are having their faces beaten raw over this life lesson. 

We know viruses mutate; we still don’t have a cure for the common cold. So, we get it but aren’t you trying to promote vaccinations, or are you muddying the waters because this is, and will always be a successful Trump initiative.  

Having your cake and eating it too is how an entire governing class in France found themselves headfirst in a guillotine. Now, I don’t think that’s going to happen here, of course, but the lab coats need to get they don’t have a say or hold any authority over what we do in our daily lives. None. 


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