BUSTED: Project Veritas Helps Authorities Nab NH Man Who Committed Voter Fraud in 2016

Posted: Sep 04, 2020 12:10 PM
BUSTED: Project Veritas Helps Authorities Nab NH Man Who Committed Voter Fraud in 2016

Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas organization was given a nod this week. New Hampshire authorities reeled in a man who admitted to committing voter fraud in a 2016 investigation. In the video, the individual admitted to voting twice. The reason for the delayed arrest was over coronavirus pandemic and related shutdowns that caused a redeployment of legal resources (via Union Leader):

A West Lebanon man was charged with voting twice in the 2016 election, and used his “alter ego” to sign up as a 2020 campaign ballot inspector for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

State police arrested Vincent Marzello, 65, Thursday and charged him with voting twice in Lebanon first as himself and then a second time as Helen Elisabeth Ashley.

Both votes were cast from someone claiming to live at 101 Maple St. in West Lebanon.

State prosecutors said Marzello then used Ashley’s name to be assigned as an inspector for the upcoming elections.

Deputy Attorney General Jane Young confirmed AG Gordon MacDonald decided late Wednesday to arrest Marzello after James O’Keefe, founder of the conservative Project Veritas campaign, met with Young and other AG staffers in person about the matter earlier the same day.

State prosecutors had first received information about Marzello at the end of 2019.


“Without the involvement of Project Veritas, would we have brought the case today? Likely not. We have a couple more voter cases and in the run up to the presidential election, we are giving them to more than just the one attorney we have in the election law unit,” Young said.

 We have been told nonstop by the liberal media that voter fraud doesn’t really exist in the United States. Well, 2020 has been a hell of a year for it. In Paterson, New Jersey, it’s municipal elections were tossed after nearly 20 percent of the ballots were tossed over fraud concerns. The election was done via mail-in only ballots, which is what Democrats want to happen for the 2020 presidential elections in states with zero experience handling the volume of ballots that are projected on November 3. Fraud is very much a concern. Attorney General William Barr ran a clinic on CNN this week over the fraud concerns, slapping down host Wolf Blitzer’s attempt to marginalize the dangers regarding mail-in voting. Pets are getting ballots, folks.

Make no mistake, with how Trump-deranged liberal America has become over the past four years, they will do everything to boot Trump, including weaponizing total lies to be used against the president. What do you think the Trump-Russia collusion myth was all about? So, lying, cheating, and stealing via voter fraud and shoddy ballots isn’t outside the realm of possibility with these people. Project Veritas helped get this guy, yes, but things are bound to get nastier over the next few months.