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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Yeah, this is great. Sorry, there will never be a bad time to mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s(D-MA) racial hoax nonsense. We all know the story. Lizzy thought that because she grew up in Oklahoma she was Native American. Oh, those check bones from her relatives were the clues and some tales from family. Yeah, that was the basis for her declaring that she was part Cherokee. If that’s the basis for declaring one’s ancestry, and indirectly benefitting from it, then I’m part black with a tinge of Polynesian. I just feel that way. And liberals wonder why people called them idiots. This question has dogged Warren since her 2012 Senate race. She took it to eleven when she actually took and released a DNA test that showed she was 1/1024thNative American. 


You cannot make this up. It just confirmed what we all knew: she was a race hoaxer. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, a New York radio station, hosts DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God brought up the ancestry issue. And CTG did not let it go. By all accounts, it was a good interview for Warren, according to lefties who want us to just ignore this part where she goes right off the rails. Warren said she regrets it, but seemed a bit unprepared to be asked about an issue that pretty much everyone should know will be brought up again and again until she drops out of the 2020 race. Fox News’ Stephen Miller has been documenting the mini-liberal meltdown (that could spill into a full-blown Chernobyl incident) over the part where CTG says that Warren is the original Rachel Dolezal, a white woman pretending to be something else. In Dolezal’s case, she pretended to be black even though she’s whiter than Wonder Bread. That was in 2015; Dolezal was facing charges of welfare fraud but has agreed to a plea deal with fines and community service. 

Still, Miller aptly noted that CTG was pretty much doing what the media should have done to someone like Warren, who prior to her presidential ambitions being unveiled, was already a prominent Democrat and a face of the progressive Left on the Hill. She peddled a race hoax. She most definitely benefitted from it, even if that wasn’t her intention. And with the Left’s rules about political correctness, there should have been a reckoning like no other. Then again, she’s a Democrat. There are two sets of rules for these people.


Oh, and as for her past Republican Party registration, well, Lizzy just wasn't politically active back then or something 



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