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ICYMI: For CNN’s Jim Acosta, It Seems All Those Times The Trump Administration Torched Him Has Finally Paid Off

AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Well, it seems being trashed by the Trump White House will get you an award. For CNN’s Jim Acosta, he certainly was a frontrunner in that regard. Acosta has been the administration’s favorite whipping boy for months. He’s everything you’d expect of a liberal reporter working for an anti-Trump outlet. From Trump telling him to get out of the Oval Office to temporarily revoking his White House security pass; Acosta has been the reporter the Trump White House loved to take to the woodshed. Senior Aide Stephen Miller towel slapped him over the administration’s immigration changes. He had an epic self-own moment when complained about Kim Kardashian visiting the White House. Of course, he was quite different when celebrities visited the Obama White House.


And it’s not just conservatives who are sick of Acosta’s antics. A former MSNBC host had had it with Acosta’s whiny antics; the CNN reporter had complained about being trashed by Trump supporters at a rally. A former CNN producer also voiced his embarrassment over Acosta’s manner in reporting the news, which seems to do nothing but confirm the notion that there’s an anti-Trump media bias. Yep, there sure is, pal. At the same time, these moments are also a bit entertaining.

President Trump took Acosta to school over his border wall initiative as well. The Hill’s Joe Concha has a more apt description: Acosta is a middle-aged member of a high school debate team. 

After the 2018 midterm, Trump once again took Acosta to the woodshed, calling him a “rude, terrible person” who shouldn’t be working for CNN. Acosta took offense that the president called the horde of migrants approaching the border in caravans an invasion. 


So, why take all the abuse? Is it to get his own show? Whatever the case it has paid off dividends. The man already has a book deal about how he’s perpetually slapped around by the Trump administration. Now, he has a “truth to power” award to go along with it (via The Wrap):

CNN’s Jim Acosta will be honored with the New York Press Club’s “Truth to Power” award, the organization said... The award honors “an individual whose body of work challenges the power establishment and/or defends journalists.”

“We are proud to honor a man such as Jim Acosta, who has proven himself throughout his storied, decades-long career to be a journalist of the utmost integrity, ” Jane Tillman Irving, president of the Press Club, said in the release. “For his unwavering commitment to fact and journalism, we are pleased to add to Jim’s many accolades with the Gabe Pressman ‘Truth to Power’ award.”


CNN has consistently stood by Acosta’s reporting, promoting him to chief White House correspondent in January 2018.

Yes, it was so brave when Acosta pretty much questioned Angel Moms, referring them as mothers who “allegedly” lost their children to illegal alien crime. Dude, these kids were murdered by illegals, something the Democrat-media complex likes to either downplay, marginalize, mock or outright ignore. So, par for the course on this one. 


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