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Oh man, the abuse just keeps coming—all of it directed at CNN’s Jim Acosta, who faced a rowdy crowd of Trump supporters before the president’s rally in Tampa last night. While trying to do a TV spot for CNN, Acosta was heckled by supporters shouting “CNN sucks” behind him. In true fashion, Acosta said they wouldn’t leave, and that they would remain to do their jobs and report on the rally. Yeah, give that man a bravery star, right? Mark Hemingway of The Weekly Standard was a bit more critical of the heckling, though he also noted that networks remain brain-dead as to why they receive such a reception from the president’s supporters. 


“This is bad,” tweeted Hemingway. “And it's alarming that people dislike the media this much. On the other hand, I do wish media orgs were remotely self-reflective about why they're so disliked and tried to address it instead of acting so defensive.” Washington Times' Larry O'Connor held up that mirror to CNN if they would only take a look:

What Mr. Acosta doesn’t understand is that the anger and hostility and loathing he sees on the faces of Trump supporters in his video is a reflection of the same hostility they see on the faces of anchors, reporters, and analysts on his network. 

Night after night for years… decades, CNN has talked down to, belittled and ignored a wide swath of American voters. The condescending contempt reached a boiling point in the 2016 election when voters defied their betters and voted for the man CNN proclaimed to be unworthy of the American presidency. 

On a nightly basis throughout the election, the network pummeled the small handful of pro-Trump pundits they featured. 

Show after show featured Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McInerney, or Scottie Nell Hughes on a political panel usually facing off against upwards to seven debaters. The panel would be comprised of pro-Hillary Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans shouting-down the lone pro-Trump pundit. 

With grace and patience Lord, Mcinerney, and Hughes gritted their teeth and endured personal insults, patronizing ridicule, and vile epithets. All the while, viewers saw these pundits as vessels representing their interests and their views. 

It was not a fair fight and CNN, represented by their hosts and anchors, seemed to love it.


The best part of the video is the Blacks For Trump supporters taking center stage in the heckling. Here’s how it looked from your television at home [relevant portion begins at around the 3:26-minute mark]:

Well, in the case of CNN, it’s because they’re anti-Trump. They’re insufferable. And frankly, I don’t care if Acosta or anyone at this network has their feelings hurt. Get over it. And they need to quit getting huffy when right-leaning outlets get called on at White House pressers. That is getting old real quick. Liberal media organizations are hubs of condescension, snobbery, and arrogance—and they have no right to be. They’ve stepped on so many rakes being wrong that their faces are mostly pulp and brain matter. They’re wrong about everything. They’re not trusted, so when the president calls on Townhall, or most recently Daily Caller, to ask a question they should just accept it and shut the hell up. You lost and we won. It’s time that you get frozen out of Q&As now. The Obama era is over. The Clinton era was crushed to death before it could get off the ground. Deal with it.


Full rally:

UPDATE: Yeah, people wonder why Trump keeps bashing the media, and why it resonates with his supporters, well here’s exhibit A from Politico’s Marc Caputo, who commented on Acosta’s tweet “if you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth.” He was lambasted and later apologized, but the damage is done. Keep ripping the liberal news media, Mr. President. They deserve it. 

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