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Burn: Watch Trump Take CNN's Acosta To School Over Border Wall

It was another day for President Trump to bash CNN, his favorite punching bag. In a meeting at the White House, the president decided to give CNN’s Jim Acosta a sarcastic ‘thank you’ for his sales pitch about the border wall. Acosta had an epic self-own when he filmed himself at the border wall and noticed that he didn’t see any danger, no signs of a national emergency. Yeah, Jim—that’s because…there was a wall there, which Trump noted in their exchange. 

Also, The Washington Post and The New York Times reported that there is a crisis at the border. It’s a fact. It also means by default, they have to back their fellow liberal allies in the media, or do they? A local news outlet was straight up denied airtime on CNN because they found out that walls work. 

“Some people are dumb,” said Trump as his staff escorted the press out of the room. 

“Good job yesterday, I appreciate your sales pitch,” said Trump to Acosta. 


The government remains shut down over the border wall funding. The president is asking for around $5 billion for some of the wall to be built. He even said he would re-open the government in exchange for some funding for his border security agenda. The Democrats refused. They want to score points, but Trump isn’t going to budge. And for the moment, neither are Democrats, who are taking their new House majority for a spin. In the meantime, the morning commute in the D.C. area has seen considerably less traffic, so keep the government shut down for as long as possible. Also, don’t cave, Mr. President. Build that wall. 

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