This CNN Reporter’s Face Has To Be Bloodied With All The Times He's Stepped On A Rake

Posted: May 31, 2018 1:30 PM

It has to hurt by now. I mean it really has to hurt. CNN’s Jim Acosta once again got wrecked for saying that Kim Kardashian more or less had no business being at the White House to talk prison reform. It’s just un-serious, according to Jim. Of course, this is a swipe at the Trump administration for catering to celebrities. Earth to CNN: history didn’t begin in January of 2017. President Barack Obama catered the Hollywood Left. From violence in Sudan to climate change, there was some A-list actor speaking with Obama about these issues. And there are oodles of photographic proof to prove this. 

Kardashian met with Trump’s senior aide Jared Kushner about commuting the drug sentence of Alice Marie Johnson; Obama refused to commute her life sentence. She has been behind bars for over two decades. This isn’t the first time Acosta has been called out for his nonsense. Stephen Miller took him to the woodshed, a senior adviser to the president, concerning immigration changes the Trump administration proposed. Sarah Sanders has also delivered plenty of smack downsto Jim and his employer. The best had to be President Trump straight up telling Acosta to “get out” of the Oval Office. This was after the infamous “s**thole countries” remark that triggered the entire liberal news media establishment. 

It’s not hard as to why the president does these sorts of meetings. It’s to get Jim to act like he does—and not just him, any member of the liberal news media who does not yet understand that Trump is a) making fun of you; and b) using you as his puppet. He’s far better at this than you. And when you’re this stupid and dumb, Trump, or anyone for that matter, can make the media do anything. For CNN, they fall into this trap constantly.