What?! MSNBC Panel Suggests Trump Could Be Charged For Phoenix Rally Speech

Posted: Aug 24, 2017 6:30 PM

So, CNN’s Don Lemon had a meltdown over President Trump’s rally in Phoenix. He called it insane, the panel questioned the president’s fitness for office and stability, and wondered if Trump was a national security threat. Oh, and Trump is clearly trying to start a civil war or something. Now, we have Barbara McQuade, the former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, telling MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that Trump going after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could constitute obstruction of justice regarding the Russia probe headed by Robert Mueller. Trump said that McConnell didn’t do enough to protect him from the investigation.

“He went after the media, he went after Congress, he went after basically anyone else who wronged him – is that going to affect the Mueller investigation in any way, Barbara?” asked Ruhle.

“Well, there is one piece of that that is really interesting. And that is this berating of Mitch McConnell for not protecting him from the Russian investigation. There is a federal statute that makes it a crime to obstruct justice by interfering with a congressional investigation, and if the facts demonstrate that Trump has violated that statute, that would be yet another crime that Robert Mueller and his team could bring charges for,” said McQuade.

Uh, yeah—except McConnell was not mentioned in that way during the rally. Trump was merely voicing his frustration over health care and the need to get rid of the filibuster for legislation. Also, this private feud was totally overblown, as McConnell released a statement saying the president and the Senate will be working together to move forward their shared goals. The liberal media’s bashing of Trump and these pie-in-the-sky commentaries about the Russia investigation and obstruction of justice are getting more ridiculous by the day. 

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