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House to Vote On Censuring IRS Commissioner Wednesday

The House Committee on Oversight and Government will vote on censuring IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, which will prevent him from collecting a government pension (via Politico):


The measure — part of a larger campaign by conservatives against Koskinen over the way he handled investigations of the 2013 IRS nonprofit targeting scandal — would require him to forfeit his government pension.

Conservative House Republicans want to impeach Koskinen for failing to preserve evidence connected to former IRS official Lois Lerner and then taking four months to tell Congress about the deletion of some of the evidence. Koskinen has denied that he deliberately mislead Congress.

The efforts made by the House GOP to censure, or impeach, Koskinen for allegedly stonewalling the investigation into reported targeting of conservative groups by the federal agency. Katie has kept us abreast of the Oversight Committee’s proceedings, while Cortney has noted the depth of the IRS scandal is worse than we thought.

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