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Kansas Lawmaker Slams Transgender Women Using Women's Restrooms

AP Photo/John Hanna

A state lawmaker in Kansas said this week that she does not “appreciate” sharing a restroom with one of her transgender colleagues and pointed out that women have been attacked by transgender individuals “who may or may not be for real.”


State Rep. Cheryl Helmer (R) made the remarks in an email with a graduate student from the University of Kansas, NBC News reported. The student reportedly wrote Helmer because he did not approve of her support of a bill that would prevent physicians from performing “gender-affirming” operations or hormone therapy on minors. 

Helmer responded saying that she studied biology in college and understands “the difference biologically between a male and a woman” and that no “surgeon can cut, remove, wop, add to change the biology that is chemically occuring in each and every fiber, bone and molecule of every human being.”

“A doctor can inject meds and dilute but cannot destroy what God has done in the perfection of the HUMAN BEING,” Helmer reportedly added. She went on to describe how she feels sharing the women’s restroom with a transgender colleague.

“Now, personally I do not appreciate the huge transgender female who is now in our restrooms in the Capitol. It is quite uncomforting. I have asked the men if they would like a woman in their restroom and they freaked out.”

"We as women have humans that are much larger, stronger, more adrenaline and testosterone and therefore possibly more dangerous and we have to share our restrooms," Helmer wrote. "Not only that but our wee little girls in elementary and middle and high school are having to be exposed and many have been raped, sodomized and beaten in the restrooms by these supposedly transgenders who may or may not be for real."


Local outlet The Topeka-Capital Journal reported that Helmer’s statement was targeted at state Rep. Stephanie Byers, a Democrat, who is transgender. 

Helmer told the Journal in an interview that “we’ve had girls beaten up by boys that say, ‘I feel like becoming girls today.’”

Matt reported last fall how a female student at Loudon County School District in Virginia was allegedly raped by a male student who claimed to be “gender fluid.” 

In recent weeks, the issue of “transgender women” in women’s prisons has made headlines. Matt covered how two female inmates at a women’s prison in New Jersey fell pregnant after having sex with another inmate who was a “transgender woman.”

This week, I covered how a female inmate at Rikers Island was raped by a “transgender woman” inmate in the showers in the women’s section of the prison. The inmate was sentenced to seven years.

Kara Dansky of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign told Tucker Carlson in an interview shortly after that “transgender women” should not be housed with women in prison.

“The story that’s happening in New Jersey is obviously horrible for so many reasons. We need to not have men being housed in women’s prisons,” Dansky said in the interview. 


“But, a couple takeaways from this that I just want to point out are first of all, the state is not getting away with this by telling its residents that they are housing men in women’s prisons. What are doing, of course, is they are telling the residents that they are housing so-called ‘transgender women’ or ‘trans women’ in women’s prisons, suggesting that there is some sort of subcategory that is called ‘transgender women’ or ‘trans women’ and it’s not true. The fact of this story shoots a hole right through the trope that ‘trans women are women,” Dansky added.


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