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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts on "The View," said during Thursday's episode that one of the reasons she believes Democrats have seen an increase in party affiliation is because the GOP is nothing more than a party of white supremacists. 

"A new Gallup poll shows the largest increase in Democratic Party affiliation in nearly ten years. People are seeming to be quite surprised by this. Sunny, why do you think this swing to the left seems to be happening?" Whoopi Goldberg asked. 

"I think, Whoopi, this is a direct result of what happened with the, you know, former disgraced, twice impeached, one-term president. I’ve said it before that you have a Republican Party that I think is unrecognizable to — to those that are centrist Republicans, those that are just sort of these conservative Republicans that — that we — we knew before, right?" Hostin replied. 

"And I think the Republican Party is sort of this extremist, anti-scientist, nativist, embracing white supremacists insurrectionist party at this point," she continued. "And Kevin McCarthy really needs to rethink that strategy that it’s an open big tent party and all are welcome. Really? Are the Marjorie Taylor Greenes welcome? Are the Matt Gaetzes welcome in this party? And that is what I think has led to the alienation of those you know, sort of mainstream centrist Republicans." 

Hostin's comments come a day after she said the idea of vaccine passports is not "radical" or "new" since vaccine records are needed for things like school and international travel for certain countries. 

Hostin added it is a personal choice to get vaccinated but if someone chooses to not get a COVID vaccine then "you don’t necessarily get to travel internationally, you don’t get to go into certain events and venues and then you also don’t get to super spread the variant to people that have been vaccinated. It’s just a matter of public health. This is not a political issue." 


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