2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Clinton Shows Her Vulnerability

Posted: Apr 04, 2016 2:30 PM

It’s Wisconsin Primary Eve and Ted Cruz is all but guaranteed the victory, based on his steady double-digit lead. He already has plenty to smile about though, considering the majority of North Dakota delegates chose to support him over the weekend. The Democratic contest in Wisconsin appears to be a bit closer, but all signs are leading in Bernie Sanders’ direction, meaning Hillary Clinton is more vulnerable than ever.

Republican Primary

Donald Trump: As The Wall Street Journal notes, Trump will have to win 66 percent of the remaining delegates to prevent the campaign from going to a contested convention. The Republican frontman received some direct criticism from President Obama over the weekend for suggesting South Korea and Japan should start to develop nuclear weapons. Those comments, Obama said, prove Trump doesn’t know much about foreign policy.

Ted Cruz: Cruz had a successful weekend. Not only is he 10 points ahead in Wisconsin, but he garnered the support of the majority of North Dakota delegates over the weekend and may even be poised to take some of Arizona’s delegates away from Trump. Pundits have noticed that he’s acting more and more like a frontrunner.

John Kasich: Kasich dismissed Trump’s Sunday remarks where he questioned the governor’s continued presence in the race. “I automatically win if Kasich drops out,” he then said at a rally in Wisconsin Monday. Kasich is staying put and even claiming that he will take a fair number of the businessman’s supporters. He is convinced the race will end at a contested convention, where he’ll become the nominee.

Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton is receiving criticism for some extreme abortion comments she made over the weekend, when she claimed unborn babies don’t have constitutional rights. On the media circuit, Clinton told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that she is confident she’ll be the Democratic nominee, while again suggesting Sanders isn’t a sincere Democrat. Meanwhile, she appears to be unfazed by the FBI investigation into her emails.

Bernie Sanders has expanded his lead in Wisconsin ahead of Tuesday’s contest. His fundraising haul continues to break records. In March, he raked in a high of over $44 million. He has also drawn thousands of supporters to his first campaign rallies in New York. The momentum, it appears, is all on his side. If he wins New York, he said, the White House is going to come clearer into view.

Delegate Count

Primary Schedule

Tuesday - R/D Wisconsin primary 

Saturday - Democratic caucus in Wyoming