Kasich Excited About the Convention: "It's Going to be So Much Fun...So Cool"

Posted: Apr 04, 2016 7:31 AM

John Kasich could not be more excited for this year's election calendar to reach July where he predicts there will be a contested convention.  

In an interview Sunday with ABC's "This Week," Kasich said, "I believe that a convention will look at somebody like me, and that’s why I think I’m going to be the nominee."

He went on to mention how he was excited for an open convention and the involvement of kids.  

"We just have to keep going, and we’re going to have an open convention.  It’s going to be so much fun. Kids will spend less time focusing on Bieber and Kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents. It will be so cool."

Kasich said something very similar about a month ago.

“As crazy as this year is, can you think of anything cooler than a convention?” he said in March.