Stephanopoulos to Hillary: Why Can't You Put Sanders Away?

Posted: Apr 04, 2016 12:30 PM

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos provided Hillary Clinton with some unwanted reminders during their interview on “Good Morning America” on Monday. “Bernie Sanders is on a winning streak,” Stephanopoulos said. “He’s won five out of the last six, in Wisconsin he’s ahead right now. Why can’t you put him away?”

A defensive Clinton insisted she’s “really happy” with her campaign status, noting her number of delegates and popular votes, both of which far surpass Sanders. In case Stephanopoulos wasn’t yet convinced, Clinton said she’s “absolutely confident” she’ll be the nominee.

Yet, other indications suggest she is a nervous and vulnerable frontrunner. Clinton has lashed out at Sanders on more than a few occasions recently, the loudest of which being her sudden outburst at a Greenpeace activist in New York, where she accused the Sanders campaign of lying about her relationship with the fossil fuel industry.

In her interview with ABC, Clinton said that, while she’s committed to getting Democrats elected to Congress, Sanders has not offered any such hints.

“There’s no indication there’s any interest there,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Clinton has questioned Sanders’ loyalty to the Democratic Party. Sen. Sanders “wasn’t really a Democrat before he decided to run for president,” she said at a CNN town hall in February, a comment which drew boos from the audience. Clinton said more of the same during a campaign event in Wisconsin this weekend. 

"I'm also a Democrat, and have been a proud Democrat all my adult life," Clinton said during a campaign event in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. "And I think it's kind of important if we're selecting somebody to be the Democratic nominee of the Democratic party."

A “confident” Democratic frontrunner would be looking past the primary and focusing her target on the Republican nominee. Yet, here we have a candidate who can’t even shake a socialist senator.