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Ouch, Bloomberg Hires Former Kamala Harris Campaign Official

Kamala Harris, who assured viewers at last week's debate that she would be able to reunite the Obama coalition, continues to poll nationally in the low single digits. While much higher than the Native American percentage of Elizabeth Warrens' DNA, it's not quite enough to inspire hope and faith among her presidential campaign staff. As a result, the Harris campaign has been laying off staff members and relocating its focus to Iowa in hopes of pulling off a miracle there. 

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially entered the race. Bloomberg was flirting with the decision for weeks, leading many to speculate that he was waiting for the results of the election to come in before making a final decision.

This week, according to a report, Bloomberg scooped up Kelly Mehlenbacker, a former operations campaign worker for Kamala Harris. It's not a good look for your campaign staff to resign and go to work for the new competition. Mehlenbacker previously served as treasury manager in 2016 for the Hillary Clinton campaign, so she knows a thing or two about expensing payments for discredited dossiers the FBI can use to investigate the Trump campaign. 


Billionaire Bloomberg can certainly pay Mehlenbacker a lot more money than Kamala Harris, too. Bloomberg literally owns the media. Bloomberg News editor-in-chief, whose name I would write but is too close to Mehlenbacker's, recently sent a memo containing new rules for his reporters now that owner Michael Bloomberg has entered the race. The news agency will not investigate Michael Bloomberg or his foundation, so that hasn't changed, but will immediately stop investigating the Democratic presidential candidates altogether in order to focus their resources on attacking President Trump. Sounds fair. Additionally, the editor-in-chief announced some of the members of Bloomberg News were leaving to work on the Bloomberg campaign. 

Amazon Founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos was one of the people who reportedly encouraged Michael Bloomberg to enter the race, so we should expect the same fair and impartial coverage from The Post. 

Since Bloomberg was able to buy the fourth branch of government, the media, he probably figures he can just buy the executive branch next. 

While pretending to decide whether or not to enter the race, Bloomberg was preparing to spend millions as part of the plan to buy his way into the Oval Office. The billionaire plans to spend $15 million to $20 million on a voter registration drive targeting unrepresented minority groups, as well as another $100 million on campaign ads attacking President Trump in four key states. 


The former New York City mayor had previously decided not to run for president, believing President Trump was likely to win reelection, and the stock market has only gone up since then. But Bloomberg says that he changed his mind after seeing former Vice President Joe Biden struggle in the polls as well as his overall dissatisfaction with the current crop of Democratic candidates, which is probably why Bloomberg News feels no need to investigate any of them during the primary. 

Bloomberg has been a longtime supporter of Democratic candidates. He probably reasons that so long as he's going to waste his millions on the current list of uninspiring Democratic hopefuls, he might as well throw his money behind his own longshot bid for the presidency. 

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