At Least One Election Official Steps Forward with Voter Fraud Concerns

Posted: Nov 14, 2020 5:05 PM
At Least One Election Official Steps Forward with Voter Fraud Concerns

Source: AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File

The mainstream media keeps running with the narrative that there's no evidence of voter fraud or any wrongdoing this election cycle, despite multiple USPS whistleblowers coming forward, sworn affidavits from poll watchers saying they were denied access to watch ballot counting and reports of dead people voting. There was also the error in Michigan where 6,000 Trump votes were switched to Biden. Some believe it was an issue with Dominion Voting System's software, but the Michigan Secretary of State said it was due to "human error."

Even CNN's Wolf Blitzer shared a headline from The New York Times, with the main headline reading, "Election Officials Nationwide Find No Fraud."

The problem, however, is Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainer said he believes there's evidence of fraud.

"I do believe there's voter fraud taking place in these places, otherwise they'd allow the observers to go in. When you have claims of 10,000 people who don't live in the state of Nevada having voted in Nevada, the videos where, you know, they're either duplicating a spoiled ballot right there or they're in the process of just marking a ballot that came in blank for a voter," Trainor explained. "That's a process that needs to be observed by election observers."

Trainor mentioned that state laws covering election oversight allow poll watchers to be present when ballots are counted. 

"If they're not then the law's not being followed, making this an illegitimate election," the FEC head said.

Why isn't Trainor getting more national coverage if he believes there's voter fraud going on? The word "election" is literally in his title. He's practiced election law and campaign finance law for decades. Surely he knows what he's talking about when he says something smells fishy. 

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