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LISTEN: USPS IG Agent Attempting to Coerce a Whistleblower to Recant Allegations of Voter Fraud

AP Photo/Rick Bowme

On Thursday, United States Postal Service whistleblower Richard Hopkins, a carrier in Erie, Pennsylvania, came forward saying his supervisors were allegedly ordering carriers to backdate ballots that were received after Election Day. Once Hopkins' bosses pieced together that he was the whistleblower, he was allegedly relieved of his duty. He then made his name and his face public. 


He signed an affidavit shortly after, detailing what he heard from his superiors. That affidavit was provided to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and the Justice Department to launch an investigation.

Hopkins met with an agent from the USPS Inspector General's office and recanted his story, according to tweets from Oversight Committee Democrats. He allegedly signed an affidavit saying that.

But after meeting with USPS Office of the Inspector General Agent Russell Strasser, Hopkins met with Project Veritas' James O'Keefe. He provided O'Keefe with a recording of the interview Hopkins allegedly had with the IG. The recordings are evident that federal agents were trying to coerce Hopkins into recanting his story.


"And so let me, let me make good on that promise right away, okay? This storm is getting crazy, right? It's out of a lot of people's control and so the reason they called me in is to try and harness that storm, try to reel it back in before it gets really crazy," Strasser said during the interview. "Because we have senators involved. We have the Department of Justice involved. We have Trump's lawyer's team's gotten ahold of me."

Later on in the recording Strasser said he was "trying to twist" Hopkins. 

"I am not – I am, actually. I am trying to twist you a little bit because in that, believe it or not, your mind will kick in. We like to control our mind and when we do that we can convince ourselves of a memory. But when you're under a bit of stress – which is what I'm doing to you purposely – your mind can be a little bit clearer and we're going to do a different exercise too, to make your mind a little bit clearer," he explained. "But this is all on purpose."


Hopkins took to YouTube to call out The Washington Post for their story, saying he did not recant his story.

"At the very moment I'm looking at an article written by The Washington Post. It says that I 'fabricated the allegations of ballot tampering.' I'm here to say that I did not recant my statements," Hopkins said. "That did not happen. It is not what happened."

He called on WaPo to recant their story, saying it's false.

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