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USPS Is Allegedly Retaliating Against a Whistleblower Who Spoke Out About Potential Voter Fraud

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

A United States Postal Service whistleblower revealed his identity on Friday after higher-ups saw his Thursday interview with Project Veritas. According to Richard Hopkins, a carrier in Erie, Pennsylvania, his supervisors and others above him were ordering carriers to backdate ballots that were received after Election Day. Once Hopkins' bosses pieced together that he was the whistleblower, he was allegedly relieved of duty.


"They asked me the same questions you asked me yesterday about what I've seen and heard and were asking if I had anymore information or whatnot," Hopkins explained while he completed his route. 

The whistleblower made it clear he did not see his supervisor actively backdating ballots so they were postmarked Nov. 3. He heard them talking about the act of doing it. 

"They were talking about how the day before, which was the 4th, they had postdated all but one of the, all but one of the ballots that were picked up as the 3rd but they had one that the made a mistake and postmarked it the 4th," he said. 

According to Hopkins, higher-ups brought up other issues they had with the whistleblower in the past once they saw the original interview with Project Veritas. 

"They said that I was, because of certain factors, I was kind of implicated as the one who had come out, so they wanted to get my side of the story because they wanted to start an investigation into this," he explained. "I think this comes from above them and that's what I told the postal inspectors. I just think they were just doing what they were told."


To make matters even worse, Hopkins said that roughly 20 minutes after Project Veritas broke the story that "his supervisor called him and told him he would not be needed at his scheduled time Saturday morning."

Because he's unsure whether or not he will still have a job, Hopkins established a GoFundMe account to raise $50,000. As of now, he has surpassed that goal, with more than $53,000 in total.

Here's what he wrote on the fundraising platform:

My name is Richard Hopkins and I currently work for the United States Postal Service in Erie, Pennsylvania and I am willing to testify under oath that 2020 Presidential Election ballots are being backdated to November 3rd by my supervisors. I made the difficult decision to risk everything in my life to come forward with this information of extreme wrongdoing by the Post Office. I am uncertain of what the future holds for me but I felt the public had a right to know what is really going on.

The Post Office has already been threatening my employment. I am scared for myself, my family, and those closest to me. Thank you James O'Keefe and Project Veritas for letting me tell my story when others wouldn't.

Please support me as I go forward with this battle.

This is the fifth video in a string of USPS whistleblower cases that Project Veritas has made public. Project Veritas released their first video of a United States Postal Service worker in Traverse City, Michigan, coming forward to expose their supervisor, Johnathan Clarke, potentially engaging in voter fraud. The second video released Thursday afternoon allegedly shows a USPS worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, talking about handing over a "handful" of ballots to an undercover journalist. The blank ballots were collected because they were allegedly sent to the wrong address. The third video was Hopkins' original report. Video number four was of a USPS whistleblower in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania that claimed supervisors and other higher-ups are ordering carriers to backdate ballots that were received after Election Day. 


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