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USPS Carrier in PA Claims Higher-Ups Instructed Workers to Backdate Ballots

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Watchdog group Project Veritas on Thursday released their third video of alleged voter fraud. A United States Postal Service carrier in Erie, Pennsylvania claims to have overheard a conversation earlier in the day where his postmaster instructed carriers to allegedly backdate newly-received ballots.


"This morning I was casing my route, and I saw the postmaster pull one of our supervisors to the side and as he was – and it was really close to where my new case was so I was able to hear, listen in and I heard him say to the supervisor that they messed up yesterday," the whistleblower explained. "... And he told the supervisor they had postmarked one of the ballots the 4th instead of the 3rd, because they were supposed to put them for the 3rd."

According to the whistleblower, the postmaster was upset because he's a "Trump hater."

"All these ballots that are coming in today, tomorrow, yesterday, are all supposed to be postmarked the 3rd," the carrier explained. 

The whistleblower said that the order to backdate ballots that are currently received "still stands." He knows that to be true "considering that they still want us to pick up ballots tomorrow."

"They had a specific meeting, a safety meeting, where one of the higher-ups, Rob [Weisenbach Jr.] and Stephanie, basically told us to make sure we pick up ballots and give them directly to the supervisor," he said. 

When James O'Keefe confronted Weisenbach with the allegation, he denied it.

"That's untrue and I don't talk to reporters like you," Weisenbach explained. The postmaster then hung up the phone.


The third video comes less than 24 hours after Project Veritas released a video of a United States Postal Service worker in Traverse City, Michigan, coming forward to expose their supervisor, Johnathan Clarke, potentially engaging in voter fraud. The second video released Thursday afternoon allegedly shows a USPS worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, talking about handing over a "handful" of ballots to an undercover journalist. The blank ballots were collected because they were allegedly sent to the wrong address.

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