Donald Trump To Participate In All Three Debates

Christine Rousselle
Posted: Sep 05, 2016 6:00 PM
Donald Trump To Participate In All Three Debates

After previously complaining that the debate schedule was unfair and musing whether or not he'd actually show up, Republican nominee Donald Trump has confirmed on Monday that he will participate in all three presidential debates. The debates are scheduled for Monday, September 26, Sunday, October 9, and Wednesday, October 19.

Trump joked that the only thing that'd keep him away from the debates was some form of natural disaster, and that he believes the debates are important. He also said that he had an "obligation" to attend the debates.

“I look forward to the debates. I mean, I think it is an important element of what we're doing. I think you have an obligation to do the debates,” he said.

When asked what could stop him from attending, the Republican nominee joked, "Hurricanes, natural disaster."

In addition to the three scheduled debates, Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will also partake in a forum on NBC this coming Wednesday. The various debate moderators were announced on Friday.