On The Day Israel And Cyprus Sign Energy Security Deal, EU Protects Cypriot Cheese

Posted: Jul 28, 2015 12:42 PM
On The Day Israel And Cyprus Sign Energy Security Deal, EU Protects Cypriot Cheese

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom – If you ever wanted to see why British people are so sick of the European Union look no further than the two announcements on Cypriot security today. On one hand was Nicosia and Jerusalem talking about making themselves energy independent by working together, while Brussels announced greater protection for Cypriot cheese.

The remarkable contrast is further evidence of just how out of touch and irrelevant the European Union really is. According to the Associated Press the move to protect halloumi, or hellim in Turkish, will serve as some sort of a symbol of unity in Cyprus. The island has been divided since it was invaded by Turkey in 1974.

Commenting on the weighty new proposal for peace EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the “cheese unification drive” shows the commitment of both sides "to work together on projects unifying the whole island."

Meanwhile in the real world Benjamin Netanyahu and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said they would seek to tap the potential of natural gas in the sea bed beneath both countries. Energy security is a major issue for them because they both have land borders with aggressive neighbors.

This is not a one off case, the EU has taken a keen interest in food related irrelevance for a number of years now. It has already legislated to make carrots a fruit and to make sure bananas are not too curvy. There were also moves in Brussels to make it illegal to serve olive oil in a bowl.

To be fair each of these moves did have some justification but they also proved the EU is desperately trying to create a role for itself. The UK recently converted many of its embassies from just being British alone to also including other Commonwealth countries, especially Canada. The reason for this was the EU is desperate to take over the embassies of its member states and the UK has some of the nicest ones.

All of this is a power grab, Brussels bureaucrats will get involved in anything to make themselves feel useful. It would not surprise if they deliberately announced the cheese thing because they were jealous about being left out of the energy deal.

We are told that it is the EU that is stopping European conflict, a point that is self evidently disproved as several wars have taken place during its existence. In reality it's a vehicle for empire builders to exercise their dreams of world domination… and they'll use anything to get there (admittedly cheese was not their finest weapon).

Britain is likely to vote on independence in July next year, the establishment will throw the kitchen sink at the campaign to keep us in the EU. Hopefully today's announcement will further serve to show how little point there is giving up our freedom to be associated with these people.

Oh and well done on the gas deal, it's about time Israel had some good will from a European country!