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Advice For Donald: Scare America With The Truth

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I have advice for Donald Trump for tonight's debate.

Mitt Romney was afraid to tell the truth. He thought it was "too dark." He thought it might scare America.

Well it's time to scare America. It's time for Donald Trump to trust American voters with the truth. Call it a modern version of "Scared Straight."

I'm a small businessman. I'm at ground zero. I'm living the real-world results of Obama's economic policies every day. It's a disaster out here. The middle class is destroyed, shattered, annihilated. Small business owners are struggling to survive. America and capitalism are hanging by a thread. Obama is lying. Hillary is lying. The media is lying.

No one is buying...anything. Sales are plummeting. 

No one can afford their health insurance due to Obamacare. Hillary wants to expand it. That would be the death of business in America. Not all business. Gigantic billion dollar multi-national corporations will be okay. But small business will be forced out of business. You know- the group that creates 2/3rds of all jobs in America.

Inflation isn't zero. Inflation is raging. My electric grocery kid's college bills...and of course my health insurance bill are all through the roof. Government is committing fraud. To make the claim that inflation is zero, they removed everything that matters from the inflation index.

GDP is near zero. But that's not even the problem. Because of Obama's policies the entire economy has been re-arranged. All the money goes to big business. The rest of us are left with crumbs. We're fighting for survival, while Wall Street gives out million dollar bonus checks.

Small businessmen and women are the heroes of the business world...and the economic engine of America. Yet we are punished with the highest taxes of our lifetimes, raging electric bills (due to Democrat's obsession with green energy), unpayable health insurance bills (due to Obamacare), record IRS audits...all at the same time that sales are dramatically down. It's a perfect storm.

Over 90 million working age Americans aren't working. Where are they all? They are on welfare, food stamps and disability. Or they are in their early 60's and they've opted for early Social Security and Medicare. They'll never work again. Who's paying this bill?

And as far as the rosy jobs numbers we see each month...I call B.S.

We're being lied to. There are no good jobs. There are no middle class jobs. We've lost all the high-paying jobs for middle class Americans and college graduates. Obama's policies have created a glut of horrible, crappy, low wage jobs meant for entry-level young adults, high school drop-outs and illegal aliens. The only jobs are to mow lawns, clean toilets, wash dishes and tend bar. We've lost millions of good jobs. And gained millions of bartender, waiter and low wage retail jobs. 

Of course there are 200,000 new jobs each month. Because of Obamacare it now takes two or even three part-time jobs to replace what used to be one full-time, high-paying, middle class job. That's why the jobs figures are complete and utter fantasy.

Our national debt is approaching $20 trillion. The policies of Obama have buried our children in debt. The quality of our kids' future life is destroyed beyond repair.

And Hillary will try to paint a wonderful picture tonight. It's a lie. It's a fantasy. It's a fairytale. It's pure fraud and propaganda.

Only Trump can save us with raw truth. Paint the REAL picture Donald. 

It's time for "Scared Straight."

Tell it like it is- with no political correctness. The American people know what they're hearing from Obama, Hillary and the media is a lie. They are waiting for someone to tell them the truth. 

Then Donald, you must explain how you've created prosperity and jobs your entire life. You are a walking economy. 

Explain how you will turn it around for one specific group of Americans- those who want work, not welfare. Be sure American voters understand you'll create an economy that works for working people, not welfare addicts. You care about the people who pay the taxes, who contribute into the system. 

It's time we had a President who turns the tables- the system should be tilted in favor of the taxpayers, not the freeloaders. Tell the American people that you are the first president on the side of working men and women...the middle class...small business, not big business...the taxpayers.

It's time to scare the American people straight...with the truth. 

Do this at tonight's debate Donald...and you're the next President of the United States.

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