Tom Harris

Tom Harris
EPA Moves To Improve Misguided Pollution Control Measures
By Tom Harris
Editors Note: This column was co-written by Dr. Jay Lehr.On November 7, Acting Administrator of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ...
November 23, 2018
Cold Reminds Us of Importance of Dependable Energy
By Tom Harris
Following the recent record-setting low temperatures, the importance of reliable, abundant, and inexpensive energy is now more obvious than ever. ...
January 12, 2018
Would You Bet Your Paycheck on a Weather Forecast?
By Tom Harris
Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Dr. Tim Ball.***Dr. Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, summarized the ...
November 16, 2017
Will Questioning Climate Change Become Illegal in Canada?
By Tom Harris
"BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU." This slogan appeared on posters of the Party leader in the dystopian society of George Orwell's ...
October 15, 2017
Climate Realists Must Hold Trump’s Feet to the Fire
By Tom Harris
Will President-elect Donald Trump continue to promote a realistic approach to climate change and keep his promise to withdraw America ...
December 07, 2016
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