Tom Borelli

Tom Borelli
CDC Ebola Failure Will Add to Public Distrust of Government
By Tom Borelli
It’s no wonder Americans don’t trust the government. Sandwiched between ideological zealots at the IRS and the EPA and massive ...
August 21, 2014
Republican Establishment Bails Out Big Business in $85 Billion Tax Break Bill
By Tom Borelli
The ruling class of Big Business and their political partners are at it again, this time with a mammoth, bipartisan ...
May 01, 2014
Grassroots Coalition Takes On Comcast
By Tom Borelli
With the fate of the nation hanging in the balance, the time has come for grassroots conservatives to aggressively challenge ...
September 10, 2013
Progressives Blame Capitalism Instead of Obama For Patriot Coal Bankruptcy
By Tom Borelli
The American coal industry is in free-fall and companies are being forced to do whatever it takes to keep from ...
June 18, 2013
President Obama’s EPA Pick Threatens Market Stability
By Tom Borelli
President Obama has made it clear, both in word and action, that climate-change regulation is a top priority for his ...
March 26, 2013
Van Jones and Exxon Mobil Support a Carbon Tax
By Tom Borelli
It’s a bad omen for free enterprise, prosperity and liberty when normally warring special interest groups such as big business ...
December 08, 2012
Republicans Must Reject Crony Capitalist Efforts to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff
By Tom Borelli
Following his re-election President Obama wasted no time in rallying his progressive and crony capitalist allies to address the fiscal ...
November 18, 2012
Crony Capitalism Gone Wild: Duke Energy CEO Backs President Obama
By Tom Borelli
Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers sets a new standard for crony capitalism. While the vast majority of crony capitalists are ...
October 02, 2012
Obama Fails as Energy Investment Officer- in-Chief
By Tom Borelli
While the liberal media obsesses with jobs losses from Bain Capital’s private equity investments, it conveniently ignores the mounting economic ...
June 15, 2012
The House Must Stop the EPA
July 09, 2011 |
President Obama's Clean Energy Puppet Masters
By Tom Borelli
With soaring gasoline prices jeopardizing economic growth and enraging the public, even a novice could recognize the political liabilities associated ...
March 12, 2011
Obama’s Green Economy Bag Men: Chief of Staff Bill Daley and GE CEO Jeff Immelt
By Tom Borelli
The recent White House personnel shifts signal the kickoff of President Obama’s 2012 re-election bid. Of the many changes, the ...
January 23, 2011
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