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Let's Trade David Brooks for Arthur

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Please enjoy these recent blasts from Facebook. Or, get mad. I was mad composing half of them.

In a very short time, Obamacare is responsible for screwing more people than Bernie Madoff and Heidi Fleiss combined.


Obama is repealing his law one small retreat at a time, and replacing it with ad hoc "suggestions" to insurance companies.

Banana republic stuff. Merry Christmas and uncertain New Year.


Weary of people citing hypocrisy as an excuse to attack public standards. If you find a congressman who embezzles, it's a problem with the congressman, not with the laws against embezzlement he voted for.


Immigration "reform"?

Yeah. His policies haven't created enough unemployed here at home. Why shouldn't we throw open the border to import even more unemployed from the south?


Selfishness is bad. Should government ban selfishness?
Gluttony is bad. Should government ban gluttony?
Hate is bad. Should government ban hate?
Drugs are bad. Should government ban drugs?


Liberals think government can blanket people's dealings and transactions with a cocoon of mandatory good intentions and enlightened redirection, and people will still transact and produce as much as before.

But, our current funk, stagnation, and spiral into dependency show the opposite. As Margaret Thatcher said, "The facts of life are conservative." Government can't choreograph and puppet master the ways people work, trade, and produce, and then expect they'll keep doing it as much or as successfully.

Sadly, liberals won't let real life interrupt their ambitious fantasies.


NSA spying on all our calls, texts and emails is essential to protect the nation? Yeah, right. It's reported the NSA can't identify a single terror plot it foiled with the spying.

So, Americans live in a perpetual state of cyber strip search in the hope it might do some good some time.
America, we are better than this. Or we should be.


Unrelated to the merits of same-sex marriage, but important to say to all the civics-deficients who are chanting "UTAH, UTAH, UTAH!" Utah didn't do a blooming thing.

A willful judge made up new law. Whether same-sex marriage is the right result or not, this is the wrong way to get there.


One of my liberal friends today repeated a favorite leftist fallacy: The Supreme Court's Citizens United decision bestowed personhood on corporations. Here's the response explaining why that's nonsense:

"No, ‘Jane’ corporations were not granted personhood. That's sheer media silliness. They were recognized to be protected by certain constitutional rights that also protect persons. And you don't disagree with that principle, or you shouldn't.

"Do you think authorities should be able to raid corporations and search and seize things without a warrant? Congratulations. You've just applied the 4th amendment to corporations.

"Should government be able to seize corporate property without due process of law, or condemn property without just compensation? No? Congratulations. You now apply the 5th amendment to corporations.

"Should Congress be able to regulate what ABC broadcasts or what the New York Times prints? No? Ding ding ding! You've just applied the 1st Amendment to corporations!

"Doesn't mean you believe they're people."


When it comes to Brooks representing conservative views at the New York Times and on the News Hour, I propose we trade David for Arthur.


There's something fundamentally wrong with an agenda that has to be sold with ads featuring slackers in pajamas, single female dependents, and sex-crazed kids who can't afford birth control.

If it works, America is already lost.


There's an important difference between being "pro-free market" and "pro-business."

If you're for free markets, you believe government's role is enforcing rules against fraud, theft, and cheating, and then to keep out of the way of supply and demand and the choices of free consumers and producers.

But, being "pro-business" is a dicier proposition. A lot of companies and industries love special favors from government--barriers to entry against competitors, mandates to purchase on consumers, special subsidies for favored products, you name it. There is a whole crew of "business people" who are happy to use state power to pad their profits at the expense of consumers, competitors, and tax payers.

That is not freedom. It's corporatism. It breeds corruption and tens toward fascism.


If Harry Reid Reid gutted the filibuster to "restore democracy" to the Senate, or something like that, perhaps the minority should burn the place down until he also withdraws his rules that bar them from offering amendments and getting votes.

After all, democracy for the goose should be democracy for the gander.


The science is settled. Our computer models say so. It's long past time for serious people to stop gathering data and noticing that the models don't work. That's just superstitious gibberish for deniers.


Prediction: We will hear not a peep more about the Denver shooter's politics.

If there were a hint of connection to conservatives, of course, we'd have a national farce theater about how it is the Tea Party's, Ted Cruz's, or Sarah Palin's fault.

But since it turns out he's a leftist, the subject must vanish.


Matthew 6:14-15.
For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Have you ever considered what a miraculous promise and grave warning those two verses are?


Progressives, my wife and I are 50. We have two teen boys left at home. We have an independently purchased health plan in the individual market. It ain't great, but we shopped, compared, and chose it.

The cancellation letters are coming out. We will now have to pay almost triple for a qualifying plan, or become wards of the state to qualify for subsidies and a lower payment.

It's not abstract; it's personal. I hate your beliefs. I hate your philosophy. I hate that you think you may legitimately conscript my lower middle class family into your Utopian vision for the greater good.

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