Richard Olivastro

Richard Olivastro
Who Will Be ‘Your’ 3rd U.S. Senator?
By Richard Olivastro
Most Americans are aware that a special U.S. Senate election is taking place in Massachusetts on Tuesday. Others will ...
January 18, 2010
Harry Reid & Your Health Care
November 02, 2009 |
No Shortcut to Success
By Richard Olivastro
There is no shortcut to success. The certain route for everyone seeking success is focus and work. Most ...
October 12, 2009
‘The Joy of Defeat’
By Richard Olivastro
Is there – can there be - joy in defeat? “You can play a great game and still not ...
October 05, 2009
'De-forming' Health Care
September 17, 2009 |
Are Seniors Being Targeted?
September 11, 2009 |
What If You Sent Your Kid to Congress?
By Richard Olivastro
Recess is over. As the dog days of summer begin to recede in our nation, children are returning to school, ...
September 08, 2009
Leaders Cannot Be Evasive Communicators
By Richard Olivastro
President Obama practiced evasive communications at his health care press conference last week. Communications clarity was missing. Answer content ...
July 28, 2009
Let Freedom Ring – Again
July 03, 2009 |
'Novel' Solution Will Control Health Care Costs
By Richard Olivastro
Derailing the ‘Health Care Express’ is essential if Americans are to ensure that health care will always be available to ...
June 23, 2009
Should Citizens Derail the Health Care Express?
By Richard Olivastro
Most adult Americans learn from the experience of living. Almost all of them conclude that our ancestor Ben Franklin got ...
June 16, 2009
Who Do These People Think They Are?
By Richard Olivastro
What makes those people who invested in Indiana pension funds think they can question the Chrysler bankruptcy deal fashioned by ...
June 09, 2009
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