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His choice of Mike Pence to serve as his vice president reveals to me that Mr. Trump might be beginning to understand the importance of moral character - both for individuals and for a nation.


I do not know the current heart of Donald Trump. I don't know if he regrets the way he has talked about women. I don't know if he regrets his infidelity, or his harsh language, or the many other things I decry about his past.

But I do know that he has chosen a committed conservative champion to be his running mate. And that is enough to cause me to support a Trump/Pence presidency.

Ronald Reagan taught us that "personnel is policy." In other words, you can tell how a person will lead or govern by the people he chooses to serve with him. Donald Trump has chosen in Mike Pence an incredibly effective warrior for conservative principles. 

Yet, a lingering concern for many is whether or not Mike Pence is ready to fight for the rights of business owners to freely practice their faith. Our uncertainty comes from faulty steps he made as Governor of Indiana, which painfully reminded us that no politician is perfect.  It would be wise for Governor Pence to clarify his position on this critical issue soon; he owes it to those who have fought by his side over the years, and whose support he needs to win.

But I am clear about the the Mike Pence that I came to know personally from my work in Washington, DC.  As a Congressman, he stood firm for the rights of the preborn, small business, and the biblical definition of marriage. He fought against government healthcare and federal control of education. He was a champion of economic freedom, limited government and a strong national defense.  He was, and is, inspirational and visionary, and incredibly skillful at fighting the liberal machine and bureaucracy.


And just as importantly, I had the opportunity to get to know Governor Pence on a personal level too. He and his wife Karen chose Arlington, Virginia as their home away from home while he was a congressman, and they lived near us. Their son was in classes with my daughter at our local public high school and I had the opportunity to see Mike Pence as a devoted, loving father.  I remember his attending Back to School Nights, scurrying through the hallways searching for the next classroom like the rest of us confused parents as we made our way through an abbreviated version of our kids school day.  He took the desk next to mine in a history class and respectfully listened to and questioned the teacher about about the curriculum, never identifying himself as anything other than Michael's dad.  

I often saw Mike and his wonderful wife, Karen, strolling hand-in-hand as they went for evening walks through our neighborhood. He was a "regular guy," who always made time to strengthen his family amidst the busyness of life.  His was, and is, a calling to fight for the policies that will strengthen all families.  And fight he does.  His record is sterling, both as a national leader, a neighbor, and a family man. 

As readers of my columns know, I enthusiastically campaigned for Ted Cruz in the primary cycle, and my heart was broken when he left the race.  I firmly believe that his time will come to lead our nation - but this is not his time.  That is reality.


Reality is also that Hillary Clinton will be the democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton must NOT become the president of the United States. If she is, say goodbye to religious freedom; goodbye to free speech; goodbye to your right to own a gun. Say goodbye to state rights; to law and order. Say goodbye to your hope for a Supreme Court that will restore the right to life, overthrow ObamaCare, and uphold the Constitution. Say goodbye to the rights of parents, local control of education, privacy, and the right to self-determination on just about everything.

Say hello to more crime, nationalism of police forces, more terror attacks on US soil, greater unemployment, a horrible economy, increased national debt, a further weakened military and a nation that no longer understands, for crying out loud, the difference between a man and woman. Say hello to Socialist America.

I have spent much time before my Lord seeking for direction after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, and feel very strongly that He is directing me to support Mike Pence for vice president, which means that I am also supporting Donald Trump for President. This was a process for me - but the more I considered the brutal reality of what a Clinton presidency would bring, the more I leaned toward voting for Trump.  Still, my direction was not completely clear until Mr. Trump wisely chose Governor Pence as the person who would be one heart beat away from the Presidency.


There are many other Christians who are still earnestly struggling with this critical election decision. For those who are open, I pray that you will consider my words.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the Democratic Party seek to destroy the very freedoms and rich Judeo Christian principles upon which our nation thrives. Now that Donald Trump has chosen Mike Pence, we have a ticket that offers hope for the restoration of this precious gift from God called, "America". For me, the choice is now clear.

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