Nick Stehle

Nick Stehle
Biden Voters Are Already Showing Signs of Buyers’ Remorse
By Nick Stehle
When midterm elections loom just around the corner, most presidents push populist policies to lure Independent votes as a means ...
August 07, 2021
Manchin Must Withstand Democrat Pressure on Filibuster
By Nick Stehle
Just this once, Senate Democrats assure the American public, they will attempt to suspend the use of the filibuster in ...
June 24, 2021
Arkansas’s Private Option Model for Medicaid Expansion Is Too Big a Price to Pay
By Nick Stehle
What would you do with $100 million? Arkansas could let this hypothetical situation become their reality as the future of Medicaid ...
March 20, 2021
President Trump's Health Vision Leaves Americans Better Choices and More Affordable Care
By Nick Stehle
On Thursday evening, President Trump spoke about his health care accomplishments and invited the American people to share in his ...
October 08, 2020
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Bad Data Led to an Obamacare Disaster
By Nick Stehle
Medicaid was created to be a safety net for the truly needy such as seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income ...
January 29, 2020
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