Nick Nichols

Nick Nichols
It’s Time to Cauterize the Tax Code
By Nick Nichols
President Obama waded deeper into the pool of incredulity that surrounds his administration when he told Fox News host Bill ...
February 18, 2014
Tear Down Those Barricades!
By Nick Nichols
I usually write about tax and environmental issues. Not this time. I have been observing the government shutdown circus over the past ...
October 09, 2013
The Tax-Exemption Rip-Off
By Nick Nichols
If you believe future IRS abuses will be prevented by putting Lois Learner and her merry band of political hacks ...
October 01, 2013
Contemplating Joe McCarthy, Socialized Medicine, Brothels & Whiskey
By Nick Nichols
I was born and raised in Wisconsin, so when a politician calls other Americans “un-American,” it conjures up the bad ...
August 15, 2009
Diplomacy: The Art of Saying "Nice Doggie" Until You Find a Rock
By Nick Nichols
Just when I thought that those in Congress responsible for the collapse of the housing market had diverted their attention ...
June 27, 2009
Will Corporate Social Responsibility Save Obama's Socialist Experiment?
By Nick Nichols
It is rare that a news headline catches my attention these days. Most of them are simply variations on ...
May 16, 2009
Corporate Social Responsibility Appeasers
By Nick Nichols
On February 3, 2009, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) told a gathering of news media lapdogs that the House Financial Services ...
April 04, 2009
History's Cesspool of Bad Ideas: Socialism and Corporate Social Responsibility
By Nick Nichols
On Valentine’s Day, I like to think positive thoughts. So, I would like to believe that even the dark ...
February 14, 2009
‘Twas Two Days After Christmas
By Nick Nichols
‘Twas two days after Christmas and all through the land Retailers were panicked—huge supply, no demand. Consumers weren’t spending, like they did ...
December 27, 2008
Shame on You!
By Nick Nichols
J.R.R. Tolkein cautioned in The Hobbit that, “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations ...
November 15, 2008
Who is in Charge? Karl Marx or the Marx Brothers
By Nick Nichols
Last January I wrote a column entitled: Are Polar Bears Edible? I pointed out that during good times, ...
October 04, 2008
Never Sleep With Pigs, You Get Dirty and the Pigs Enjoy It
By Nick Nichols
Like millions of other Americans, I have contributed copious amounts patriotic energy and a good deal of couch-potato time to ...
August 23, 2008
The Eco-Nannies’ Energy Plan: Get Off the Grid and Get Off the Planet
By Nick Nichols
My wife and I spent Thursday afternoon at the doctor’s office.  Our physician not only performs medical miracles, but he ...
July 12, 2008
Drinking Left-Wing Kool-Aid and Singing "Kumbaya"
By Nick Nichols
Whenever I become convinced that Americans have slurped too much left-wing Kool-Aid, sang too many choruses of “Kumbaya,” and are ...
May 24, 2008
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