Michael Franc

Michael  Franc
The Other State of the Union
By Michael Franc
His State of the Union address began with a focus on our government’s foremost responsibility -- national security. This, ...
February 08, 2008
Stimulus Plan Needs to be Long Term
By Michael Franc
Recall how, after the Sept. 11 attacks, virtually any legislative bid miraculously morphed into a “security” measure? Opportunists re-dubbed ...
January 25, 2008
Earmarks Still A Problem
By Michael Franc
To better understand the never-ending policy struggles between the president and Congress, consider the uniquely different perspectives that both bring ...
January 04, 2008
Democrat Tax Alternatives Could Distance Them from Blue State Voters
By Michael Franc
The next president will be judged by the adequacy of his (or her) response to the two overriding challenges ...
November 30, 2007
SCHIP's Path for Illegal Immigrants
By Michael Franc
Amid all the chaos on Capitol Hill -- a possible vote to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney one day, shenanigans ...
November 09, 2007
U.S. Tax Code Hampers Competitiveness
By Michael Franc
In July, the Treasury Department released a study cataloguing the ways our deplorable tax code restricts U.S. competitiveness. "Our tax ...
November 02, 2007
Will Congress Permanantly Close The Intelligence Gap?
By Michael Franc
“Showing apparent signs of concern over events in Iraq,” ABC News reported last week, Osama bin Laden warned his terrorist ...
October 27, 2007
Coming Spending Fights Could be 80s Replay
By Michael Franc
Remember the endless end-of-session confrontations between President Reagan and the Democratic-controlled Congresses of the 1980s? Former Speaker Tip O’Neill and ...
August 24, 2007
SCHIP: A Step Towards Socialism
By Michael Franc
During the heady days of 1993 when former First Lady Hillary Clinton assembled a group of health experts to reconfigure ...
July 27, 2007
The Left Continues to Mischaracterize the War
By Michael Franc
Liberals who favor withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq believe the situation there is relatively straightforward: We are enmeshed in a ...
July 20, 2007
American Support For Amnesty Fades
By Michael Franc
The role the Senate plays in our legislative process was best described by George Washington. “We pour legislation into the ...
June 08, 2007
Amnesty's Heavy Fiscal Impact
By Michael Franc
The debate over the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill has forced lawmakers to grapple with another contentious issue, namely: What ...
June 01, 2007
Republicans Overwelmingly Populate Blue States
By Michael Franc
A certain irony surrounds the scheduled explosion of tax liability under the Alternative Minimum Tax. Namely, this is a ...
May 11, 2007
The Wrong Way to Fuel Competitiveness
By Michael Franc
When President Bush proposed to enhance U.S. "competitiveness" by doubling federal spending on research in the physical sciences over ...
April 27, 2007
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