Michael Farris

Michael Farris
On Constitution Day, a Celebration of the Promises, Not Perfection, of Our Founding
By Michael Farris
The National Archives has come under considerable criticism in conservative circles for posting a trigger warning on its collection of ...
September 17, 2021
Harvard Law Professor Attacks Homeschoolers, as She Envisions Them
By Michael Farris
Should homeschooling be banned? Harvard Magazine and one of Harvard’s law professors, Elizabeth Bartholet, think so. This is despite the fact ...
April 22, 2020
Cuba-Style Indoctrination in Store for U.S.?
By Michael Farris
If Americans want a glimpse of all of the good that can be done for children if our Senate decides ...
October 21, 2009
Prime Minister Says Children Should be Seen and Not Heard
By Michael Farris
The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, recently announced that children of that nation should be excluded from all political ...
October 12, 2009
UN Treaty on Children's Rights Legally Binding and Absurd
By Michael Farris
Child-rights advocates seeking to convince the U.S. Senate and the American public to ratify the United Nations Convention on the ...
May 01, 2009
'Obama Knows Best'
By Michael Farris
In his May 12 column entitled "McCain's Christian Problem," (The Washington Post) Robert Novak used a single, unnamed source to ...
May 14, 2008
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