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Although there are scores of issues I’d rather address, as long as the tide of gender confusion continues to rise, I will not stop speaking out.

There’s a reason that the 5th principle in Outlasting the Gay Revolution is “Celebrate Gender Distinctions.”


Nothing is more fundamental than male-female distinctions, and that’s why we must draw a line in the sand and say, “No more!” to the war on gender. And we can do this while looking for compassionate solutions to help those who genuinely struggle with gender identity issues.

But compassion is not denial, and developments in and out of the United States are shouting for a response.

Consider these items from the news in recent days.

A Catholic school in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) is under pressure from LGBT activists to allow boys to use girls’ changing rooms and vice versa.

The activists are pushing for new school policy that states “that self-identification is the sole criteria for gender identity.”

In other words, biology doesn’t determine gender; genetics do not determine gender; gender is determined exclusively by how you feel about yourself (even at a given moment), and everyone else in this Catholic school must bow to that definition.

And what if, as a girl, you’re uncomfortable changing in the presence of biological male? That is obviously your problem, young lady.

What about the teaching of the Catholic Church, which clearly contradicts this new proposal? Religious rights must yield to transgender perceptions.

In Ireland, “Irish broadcaster RTE has affirmed its support for a gender-fluid news presenter, who will sometimes present as a man, and sometimes a woman.”

So, this respected news host, formally known as Jonathan Clynch but now known as Jonathan Rachel Clynch, will sometimes appear on TV as man and sometimes as a woman, with full support from the network.


This utterly bizarre situation is described in an even more bizarre sentence in an article appearing in the UK site PinkNews: “Jonathan Rachel Clynch is set to return to the airwaves soon and discuss their gender identity.”

Repeat that sentence slowly and carefully, and then ask yourself if this is anything less than social madness. This man-woman will soon discuss “their gender identity” on the airwaves, and we’re supposed to yawn and say, “Hey, if it makes him-her-them happy, who am I to judge?”

Turning to the States (and to another school system), “Miraloma Elementary started removing the circles, triangles and stick-figure signs from restrooms at the start of this school year, in part to acknowledge six to eight students who don’t fit traditional gender norms — kids who range from tomboys to transgender, said Principal Sam Bass.”

Now, this elementary school will have only gender neutral bathrooms throughout the entire school.

That’s right, little children in an elementary school, some as young as 5 or 6, will no longer have boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms. All bathrooms will be gender neutral, imposing the struggles of a few confused children on the entire school, similar to requiring all students to read with their eyes closed and use braille because of a few blind kids in their midst.

I am not exaggerating when I refer to this as social madness, and it is remarkable to me that there are not enough clear headed, morally motivated parents with kids in this school to stop this growing lunacy. How can this be, even in San Francisco?


It was only a few weeks ago that students walked out of a school in rural Missouri in protest of the presence of a biological 17-year-old male in the girls’ room. Not surprisingly, the New York Times story on this event refers to the young man as “Ms. Perry” after identifying him as Lila.

Have our brains simply stopped functioning?

One parent, a lawyer named Derrick Good who has two daughters in the school district, “said he got involved after hearing about a female student who encountered ‘an intact male’ in the girls’ locker room.”

Yet the media would have us believe it is the offended students who are troubled, not “Lila Perry.”

Bear in mind that Perry was not willing to use a private, unisex bathroom; he wanted to use the girls’ bathroom and locker room, regardless of what imposition this placed on everyone else.

This is similar to what is happening in a school in rural Virginia that is also being rocked by transgender controversy, as a biological female refuses to use the girls’ bathroom or a private unisex bathroom. She must use the boys’ room.

How these confused kids need help!

There’s even a story about a Boston-based writer who “underwent an elective double mastectomy and hysterectomy to ‘harmonize’ brain and body.”

As reported in the Daily Mail, Lore Graham, “who doesn't identify as male or female decided to undergo two major surgeries, ensuring that the presence of a uterus and breasts wouldn't define who they are as a person, or tie them to a specific gender.” (Notice again those words “they” and “them.”)


Should we applaud the surgeon who amputated and removed these perfectly healthy body parts? And is it really so outlandish for me to insist that it would have been far better to help Lore find wholeness from the inside out?

There’s also news that Kris Jenner still can’t call her former husband “Caitlyn” – does this make her transphobic? – while it has been reported that the Disney Store will no longer advertise children’s clothing based on gender, instead releasing “non-gender specific outfits for kids.”

And on and on it goes.

And lest you think that this assault on gender distinctions is not making an impact on impressionable young people, adding to their confusion, a student at one of the most liberal law schools in America told me that in just one of her classes, there are 16 students who identify as transgender, something which is completely off the charts statistically.

This leaves me with only two things to say.

1) God help us! And, 2) I will not stop speaking out.

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