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It's because Joe Biden is scrambling to stop the bleeding. Folks, Labor Day has come and gone. Summer is dead. We're less than 60 days from Election Day. And likely voter polls are…well, they're not out yet. Probably for good reason; they show a close race. All we have is endless headlines from the liberal news media showing how Joe Biden is seven, eight, nine, or even ten points ahead of Trump—all thanks to registered voter samples. One word: unreliable.

Biden raced to follow Trump in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of recent leftist rioting. He was in Pennsylvania as well. Are these states that you visit when you're up seven-to-ten points supposedly over Trump? Nope. Wisconsin Democrats have fears that the rioting in Kenosha has put the Badger State in play. Minnesota is tight. In Michigan, the polls have Biden and Trump running in a dead heat—and the race is still "advantage Biden" by seven-to-ten points. This makes no sense. The rioting has impacted the race. You see it with how independent voters have shifted. In Florida, there's been a ten-point swing in Trump's favor in the past six weeks. The economy is roaring back. There's a lot of wind and most enthusiasm at the back of President Trump. The same cannot be said for Joe Biden.

Biden denounced the rioting and said he wouldn't ban fracking. For normal people, that's the right thing to say to win back indies and keep the Rust Belt from fleeing, except we all know that Biden doesn't mean it. Second, the progressive Left, which Biden needs to flock to the polls this cycle, just heard two more reasons why they should stay home until 2024. The Left likes violent urban violence and they want to gut fracking. These progressives stayed home for Hillary and she lost. The same can be said for Joe Biden. So, what to do? Well, how about lean on the Democratic Party's top ally: the media.

The Atlantic fired the first salvo:

When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true.

Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.

Yeah, no one has gone on the record for this. It's been refuted. It's a circus. More anonymous sources confirmed what other anonymous sources said to be true from information in The Atlantic piece that was based on…anonymous sources with firsthand knowledge. And funny how ads were already primed and ready to go as soon as this story dropped. It's not a coincidence at all.

One could argue that this was going to be the Left's October Surprise. They were keeping the powder dry until the Republican Convention put the Democrats to shame and placed a microscope on the left-wing rioting. Kurt commented on Twitter about this, adding that given the shift in the race, Biden's Kenosha pit stop train wreck, and Nancy Pelosi's hair salon fiasco, Democrats had to change the media cycle. It's not working. No one believes it—and for good reason. Larry O'Connor lays out the case perfectly for why no one should believe or trust these clowns. For starters, they all fell for the Russian collusion delusion. Second, they write about stuff no one cares about outside of the Beltway. Third, all of their "bombshells" are nothing burgers.

This Atlantic story is a piece of work. Of course, Democrats think it's true on face value because they're insufferable idiots afflicted with Trump derangement. Another level of annoyance is the GOP traitors, Democrats at this point, who also think this story is true. It's the usual suspects. The ones that MSNBC and CNN have on to show that there's some mass GOP defection from Trump, which is another fake news storyline in itself. It's embarrassing. They can't attack Trump on the economy. It's roaring back. They can't attack him for being a source of international instability. He just brokered two significant diplomatic agreements between Israel and the Balkan states and Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Enthusiasm is all Trump. The economy roaring back is all Trump. Safety and security aboard are all Trump. Joe Biden is the anti-Trump candidate for sure. That's not enough to win, as John Kerry and Mitt Romney, both "anti" candidates, know. 

If this was an October Surprise from the Left, it just shows how desperate things have become out there. This was going to shift the election or, better yet, sink Trump. Really? You guys thought this would work?

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Not really, though.


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