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Former Vice President Joe Biden is about to pick his running mate. When that happens, I don't know. He might have forgotten, given that the man's mind is being eaten by worms. Yet, we're not here to talk about Joe's diminishing mental state. We're talking about how in the era of political correctness, zeroing on problematic actions, and furthering the "woke" agenda, Joe Biden can pretty much insult every racial and ethnic group in the country and not get dragged for it.

You probably know the answer as to why this man has survived, but let's go through the history here. In 2008, he said that you couldn't go to a 7-Eleven without hearing an Indian accent. With "The Simpsons" being placed in the crosshairs over the "Apu" character, this is total racism that should have torpedoed Biden. It didn't. Then, he called his future former boss, President Barack Obama, the first "clean" black man to run for the presidency.

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man," he said back in 2007.

This cycle, it's even worse. Biden has said that all Asians look alike, told black voters who didn't support him that they aren't really black and asked a black reporter from CBS News if he was a junkie because he didn't like a question he pitched regarding the former VP taking a cognitive test. Oh, and then he said that George Floyd's death—get this—had more of an impact than Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. And finally, he circled back to beating up on black Americans saying, "What you all know, but most people don't know, unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things."

Seriously, this man is a racial train wreck. This is exactly why Democrats are worried about these debates. They're right to be concerned. All it takes is one moment, like any of the ones mentioned above, to change the race. This inevitable event on the debate stage, coupled with his more than apparent inability to simply put thoughts together, even when scripted, is enough to nuke the Biden momentum for sure. And we're bound to see these screw-ups multiple times during three debates. There is no friend on the other side, like Bernie Sanders. It's Trump, who is quick, nimble, and will go for the jugular. Can Biden even respond?

When it became clear that most in the 2020 Democratic field were not ready for primetime, Joe was it. It's not that Democrats like this guy like Obama. They don't; you see it with the enthusiasm numbers. It's that he's the best option not to get totally rolled. He's the leftover after weeks and weeks of sifting through far-left no-names who couldn't argue their way out of a paper bag. Like now, Biden took beatings on the debate stage, but more or less stayed in the basement, waiting for these folks with limited name recognition to exhaust themselves, and then present himself as the last man standing because, well, are you really sure that this Castro brother guy can beat Trump, or Tom Steyer, or Kristen Gillibrand, or Elizabeth Warren, or Michael Bloomberg? 

When Bernie Sanders pretty much said that "Fidel Castro was bad, but hey, people know how to read there," and put Florida in danger, the base's dabbling with the far left contingent ended. The party was over. It was "well, I guess we'll go with Biden" time for most Democratic voters. Make no mistake; Sanders is a good foundational candidate for the far left of the party. He did well to get his folks mobilized and animated, but it'll take someone else to clinch the nomination for the anti-establishment wing of the Democratic Party. Someone who can do well south of the Mason-Dixon line. Someone will pop up in the fullness of time. Until then, we're stuck with Biden—who is being protected as if he's the knight possessing the Holy Grail itself.

 Any Republican would have been destroyed by now given what Biden's said in the past. Again, it's two separate rules. Only Democrats can bash black Americans, Asian Americans, and other ethnic groups. Only they get a pass, especially when they're the best worst option for Democrats in 2020. Even former CNN producer Steve Krakauer noted how the liberal media went quiet over the black reporter "junkie" moment (via Fourth Watch):

The comment was buried, and barely covered by CNN and MSNBC. It was an awkward, strange comment - if a bit offensive.

The implication, of course, is that the Latino community has a diversity of thought. The Black community in America? They all think the same. By tonight, Biden's campaign had to clean up the mess he made earlier in the day. In a three-part tweet, the Joe Biden account tweeted, "Earlier today, I made some comments about diversity in the African American and Latino communities that I want to clarify. In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith—not by identity, not on issues, not at all."

The Biden camp felt an obligation to correct this offensive remark. But lucky for him, the media had been covering for Biden, not covering him - there was barely a mention of this comment. CNN covered it one time today on air, and not a single time on their website or Twitter. MSNBC didn't mention it once. The New York Times only picked up the AP story - and it didn't touch their Twitter account (or the Washington Post's). In fact, the Washington Post's fact-checker actually tweeted, "If you listen to the clip, he didn’t actually say this."

Instead, the coverage of it from reporters like the New York Times' Jonathan Martin was more big picture - not covering what was said (or even mentioning it) but discussing the cultural moment we're in, examining what the "gaffes reflect." 

The political coverage most of the media focused on today was a President Trump off-the-cuff remark about how Joe Biden "hurt God, is against God" (which is a completely ridiculous thing to say too!). I mean, it'll make a great Sarah Cooper clip.

But it's moments like today - where the media actively chose to cover-up a terrible Biden moment rather than cover it - where the American public continues to have their trust in the press erode.

You all knew this; of course, the media are biased and in the bag for Biden. The problem is that there's so much other news going on, with the pervasive COVID panic porn and leftist rioting, that it's hard to truly shine a light and zero in on the media's overt covering for Biden when he trips up.

So, given that Biden has insulted every racial group in the country, multiple times for some, it's going to be fun when Trump dredges this up, and the thought pieces about how Democratic racism is different from the non-existent or made-up racism emanating from the conservative movement start to appear. Lie how Biden's racism should be tolerated if it means booting Trump. Conditional racism is good, says the Left. Oh, grab some popcorn, folks.


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