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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

This was inevitable. This was going to happen. Forget the polls supposedly showing Joe Biden in the lead, the man's grasp on reality could not be left open to attack by President Trump on an open debate stage. That is the sure-fire way Democrats can blow this election.

Joe Biden was picked apart by his Democratic colleagues during the primaries. The only reason why Biden's the nominee is that black Democrats once again rejected the far left alternative in Bernie Sanders and flocked to Biden since he's the better candidate to beat Trump, or so Democrats think. Everyone else sucked.

Kamala Harris sucked. Beto O'Rourke's campaign was a complete mess. Cory Booker…who's that? Elizabeth Warren? Well, she only culturally appropriated herself to the national stage by claiming she was Native American. She's a national punchline. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand? I can't think of a bigger no-name to run for the presidency. The polling and her performance proved it. She was a dud. Pete Buttigieg? He was insanely left-wing but articulated it with a smile, but when Townhall ventured up to New Hampshire to cover the primary, no one seemed all that excited for him—and I'm talking about his own supporters.

Virtually the entire 2020 field was filled with no-names, unknowns, and folks with limited name ID. Warren, Gillibrand, and Booker's reach were geographically rigid—and Booker has an appalling self-righteousness to his character. He's just fake. Joe was the only candidate left who could cobble together something of a winning coalition to beat Trump, given his blue-collar roots. Maybe. But I would have more confidence saying that if this were the 2008 election, but some guy named Barack Obama nuked everyone's plans, especially those of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Biden is the guy, even though he was declared DOA by most, especially after New Hampshire. The momentum was decidedly for Sanders until the contest took a swing below the Mason-Dixon line, where there was a "come to Jesus" moment en masse for Biden. Then, came the gaffes. Biden didn't know what state he was in, forgot what office he was running for, and told black voters they "ain't black" if they don't vote for him. No one watches his virtual town halls, and those who do can see he struggles to answer pre-screened questions; the man literally has the flashcards in front of him. If it's not flashcards, there's a teleprompter telling him exactly what to say—and he still can't do it. He's Hidin' Biden. He's been in the basement for months. Only popping out of the bunker now and then to mitigate a moment akin to being caught pissing your pants and forgetting who you are for a second. That will happen on a debate stage with Trump. The American people see this. They see a man who's out of his depth.

Besides the "you ain't black moment," Biden recently had his "all Asians look alike" gaffe and has said 7-Elevens are all run by Indians. He backed the 1994 omnibus crime bill, which was responsible for locking up scores of black men. Yeah, Biden put black men in chains, alright. Instead of plantations, they were prisons. The man is a racial train wreck. He has a 50-year career of mostly being unremarkable, complaining about this, that, and the other—but not doing anything. His record for sure is problematic as the "woke" Left are beginning to take over, hence why Biden is now supporting this defund the police nonsense. Sorry, sorry—it's not defunding, it's just taking money away from law enforcement and spending it on something else. My eyes cannot roll any harder; we've now lost the ability to call things what they are.

President Trump is quick on his feet, slew up-and-comers in the GOP primary in 2016, and took down the mighty Clinton political machine. He can handle his own with Biden. And with Biden supposedly ahead in the polls, the Democrats want to run into the bunker with him. All it takes is one debate for everything to blow up—and Biden would implode in front of millions of people. Whatever the excuses, there must be a full-front assault on Biden if his people decide they want to cut and run.

This has been the most unorthodox campaign. It's mostly digital, with virtually no campaign rallies or events. Everyone is socially distancing (sort of) unless they're rioting. We need to have these two men debate. It'll be one of the few resemblances of a normal election cycle. It cannot be allowed to be trashed like everything else during COVID. And with possibly no sports in the fall, there will be more eyeballs on it. I get it for the Left. They cannot risk exposure. They also cannot risk Biden looking like some puppet; there's no way Biden would have supported this anti-police nonsense overtaking his party. Voters can pick up on candidates peddling an agenda that they themselves do not believe in or support. Biden will most definitely look like the far Left's puppet for sure—when he is cogent enough to string together a proper response, that is.

The debates can be made safe. It can just be Trump and Biden on stage with the moderators. They can definitely be six feet apart. This can happen. It should happen. And the only reason why it probably won't happen is that Democrats are rightfully terrified that Biden's senior moments will pop up pervasively during a two-hour debate, one-on-one boxing match with Trump. It will happen, but that's the game. You should have picked better, Democrats. The problem is that you didn't have anyone who can beat this guy.

One disastrous debate can plunge the race into chaos. Two debates can seal the deal…for Trump. Now, on the flip side, this coronavirus situation has this White House under siege. The panic porn peddled by the press is working. It's why it's good that Trump is delivering daily COVID pressers again. A lot can happen less than 100 days out. Michael Dukakis, who looked like a total doofus riding in a tank, was beating the late great George Herbert Walker Bush in 1988; he was ahead by nearly 20 points after the Democratic Convention that cycle. But law and order were probably one of the main issues that killed his presidential hopes. Folks reading this site will most definitely remember the brilliant Willie Horton ad, which made Dukakis look soft on crime. Then came the debate question about the death penalty in which Dukakis, who was opposed to capital punishment, gave a soporific, cold, and utterly robotic answer regarding whether he would support executing the criminal who hypothetically raped and murdered his wife.

In 1992, former President George H.W. Bush was seen looking at his watch when some guy named Bill Clinton was challenging him for his job. Bush came off looking uninterested at a time when Americans' economic fortunes had taken a turn for the worse. One bad debate moment can create a lot of uncertainty. Hey, if lefties didn't want that, then they shouldn't have nominated Joe Biden. Tough sh**. The debates have to happen, even if it means putting Biden in chains and dragging his body onto that platform. There is no room for argument here. The man who might be dementia-ridden has to debate to verify his competence for office. No negotiations. No questions. Biden, you're going to debate Trump, even if we have to bring it to you…in your underground lair.


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