Mark Oliva

Mark Oliva
Veteran Suicide Deserves More Than Agenda-driven Advocacy
By Mark Oliva
The tragedy of suicide is heartbreaking. In instances of veteran suicide, the tragedy can be especially jarring because it shatters ...
May 13, 2021
Brady's Latest Effort Is Not About the Troops, It's About Control
By Mark Oliva
Gun control has a problem with the truth. They can’t shoot straight.Brady: United Against Gun Violence is the latest example ...
July 27, 2020
University’s Ban on Rifle Salute Insulting
By Mark Oliva
It’s a farewell to arms at the University of Virginia.The 200-year-old university founded by the author of the Declaration of ...
November 14, 2019
Mayor Pete Says Guns Make him ‘Smaller.’ They Make Me Responsible.
By Mark Oliva
Mayor Pete Buttigieg believes simply holding a firearm is somehow diminishing. He thinks you should take his pronouncement as an ...
October 04, 2019
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