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This political season has been dominated by the unpredictable.

On the talk show circuit, professional pundits hedge predictions by suggesting a wholesale realignment of American priorities is underway.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Across the nation, average Americans are mobilizing like never before in support of smaller, smarter government and real economic solutions. They know exactly what they want-- and they’re willing to fight for it.

That fight is increasingly supported by a handful of independent groups capable of organizing large blocs of grassroots activists, helping them to educate and mobilize an even greater number of energized citizens around issues that matter.

In just the past week, Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to advancing free market principles, effectively made contact with more than one million people in the state of Florida, a crucial battleground for political ideas. AFP’s chosen message on the importance of reigning in wasteful government spending may have been familiar, but the overwhelmingly supportive response was unmistakable. On the ground, from Miami to Jacksonville, roughly five percent of the entire state of Florida participated in conversations about the nation’s dangerous $19 trillion debt over the course of just two days.

Similar efforts across the country have reaffirmed Americans’ core belief in the values of limited government and sound economic policies, and their undeterred commitment to actively cultivate support for those values in their states.

The conversations most critical to our nation’s future are not happening inside the Washington Beltway, but instead on the front porch and around the kitchen table.

Americans for Prosperity has again emerged as a leader among those working to foster these important conversations in communities across the country, call-by-call and door-by-door, helping engaged citizens take the debate back from Washington and return it to the grassroots level where it matters most.

As it turns out, the national grassroots movement that flexed its muscles to advance the principles and policies of liberty and economic freedom in the wave elections of 2010 and 2014 is alive and well, and poised to be more impactful now than ever before.

Through long-term investments on the local level, AFP has seen monumental shifts toward free market policies from the advancement of right to work and school choice legislation to blocking the expansion of Obamacare at the state level.

Across the board, AFP has continued to expand its commitment to supporting grassroots movements within states, regardless of party politics.

This substantial investment in fighting for issues at the local level has quickly emerged as a motivating factor in several states, helping to highlight key issues and elevate calls for meaningful tax reform, reduced government spending, and the elimination of big government cronyism and corporate welfare.

If the promising results of AFP’s grassroots efforts are any indication, the direction of the nation may be determined long before super delegates and political insiders have their say on the coming election, with a growing coalition of hardworking, everyday Americans mobilizing in their communities to support the principles of limited government, lower taxes and economic freedom for all.

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