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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

At this writing, our nation’s presidential race remains problematic. With Fox News’ descendance to the dark side, it and other MSM sources have already called the election for Biden. Time Magazine’s cover just presented Joe and Jill Biden trying to appear “presidential” alongside a story about how President Trump allegedly lost the election. While almost everything in the MSM is dubious, it is time to provide some much-needed observations for conservatives voting the red ticket. 


We have witnessed how cleverly Democrats have embraced Rahm Emmanuel’s phrase, borrowed without attribution from Winston Churchill, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The crisis was, of course, Covid-19, the gift from China that keeps on giving. As the Washington Times’ Ken Paxton has said, Democrats “disguised their plot to manipulate the integrity of our election system by arguing that voters fear contracting COVID-19 if they physically show up to the polls.” He cites that in a 2004 Congressional hearing the infamous Jerry “impeachment” Nadler stated, “Both sides of the political aisle have long agreed that voting by mail increases the likelihood of fraud. In my experience in New York, paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud. I could show you experience which would make your head spin.” He should now know.

Despite Trump partisans’ overwhelming shows of force with hugely attended rallies and voter turnout across America, Democrats snookered us in five unfortunate ways.

First, Republicans were too obliging to Democrats and should have recognized they weren’t going to take “no” for an answer. To use the “get tough” idiom first coined in the film The Untouchables by James Malone (a fictional Irish cop played by Sean Connery--RIP), “You want to get Capone? Here’s how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way, and that’s how you get Capone.” If we knew this aphorism, we certainly didn’t follow it because Democrats were able to manufacture votes out of thin air in numbers exceeding registered voter counts.


Second, for all the resources put in the Republican presidential and senatorial races, some of them were poorly spent down ticket. For example, in west-central Florida incumbent and Democrat ne’er-do-well Charlie Crist was able to beat Anna Paulina Luna, retaining his U.S. Congress seat. This, despite Florida being a red state and Crist having metamorphosed from republican (small “r”) to Independent and recently to the dark side becoming a Democrat (big “D”). Cindy Axne in Iowa's 3rd District also beat her Republican opponent as did Elissa Slotkin in Michigan's 8th District and Elaine Luria in Virginia's 2nd District. In the Senate, while Republicans had a net gain, former Gov. John Hickenlooper ousted Republican incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner in Colorado and in Arizona former NASA astronaut,  Democrat Mark Kelly defeated Sen. Martha McSally. All of these were fine candidates, but winning support and strategy was clearly missing.  

Republican campaign leaders in these and other areas where opportunities were missed were undoubtedly not the sharpest political knives in the drawer. This signals that new blood is needed downstream who will sweat the ground game details. Sadly, Republicans have relied on the Queensbury Rules of fighting (no wrestling or grappling allowed) while the Democrats forsook these civilized rules long ago for no holds barred street fighting behavior.

Third, we are likely to lose more red states. New constituents in traditionally red states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are mostly democrats who have bailed from their progressive blue states like California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois because the conditions continue to deteriorate--high income and property taxes, high minimum wage policies, crushing environmental restrictions, street chaos from Antifa and Black Lives Matter without Republican mayors and governors to stop it in its tracks, waning Second Amendment rights, progressive K-12 education and rampant political/election corruption. Many of these progressive imports aren’t prescient enough to recognize that the problems that forced them to leave their blue states will reappear if they keep voting democrat in their new state.


Fourth, we no longer have an objective MSM. We now know the Big Tech platforms are all in for the Democrat party and against Republicans. This means that we can rely on Big Tech to stifle any beneficial political content like the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco that unequivocally showed that the Big Guy—Sleepy Joe Biden--was on the financial take with our Chinese enemies and Burisma. Had this been Donald Trump Jr. 's laptop with similar content indicting our president, it would have filled Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok ionosphere and the Google search results with actual stories rather than fact-checks saying it’s bogus information. This, of course means that our Republican congress creatures, many of whom take money from Big Tech, must get busy approving the DOJ’s Congressional proposal to curb Big Tech’s legal immunity by restricting their legal immunity in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Fifth, we must limit the bureaucratic class--corporate America’s pernicious virtue signaling and ironic support of socialist enterprises, and our federal government’s “managerial elite.” As Pedro Gonzalez has argued in “A Defunct Republic,” our governmental elite who have donated overwhelmingly to the Democrat ticket this election (Labor Department 91%, Justice 85%, Education 84% and State 84%). He believes that the corporate and federal bureaucracies are an “overwhelming, but undemocratic political pillar, and federal workers have unparalleled familiarity with the bureaucratic process. These unelected bureaucrats know how to speed things up, they know how to slow things down, and have access to critical information about policies [including voting procedures] that are being considered and implemented, they can participate in internal decision making, they can provide or deny knowledge [FBI’s treatment of Hunter Biden’s laptop] and expertise that those at the top of the bureaucratic totem pole need.”


Knowledge is allegedly power and it might be soothing to believe that one way to combat Google’s search engine reach is by using an alternative like DuckDuckGo. But its performance, look and feel, are decidedly inferior; no one says “I’m going to DuckDuckGo you.” Big conservative money could change this by partnering with DDG and other alternative ventures to make their look and feel more compelling to conservative users, enhancing their openness to conservative content.

As President Trump’s and our nation’s future continue to blow in the wind of voting corruption in blue states, tempest fugit. We’ve got important work to do! If we don’t get our act together, we are going to have to change our party’s moniker to the “Soporific Republican Party” as the Democrats continue to advance their socialist policies while we are half asleep in frog pajamas. 

You’re choice, our future.

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