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Editor's note: This column was co-authored by Jim McCoy.

Democrats and Republicans alike can agree on one thing -- this election will determine what kind of future American citizens will endure. Trump promises to Make America Great Again. Biden promises to Build Back Better.


Many blue state governors and mayors hazard that Biden will win the 2020 election…by hook or crook. These Democrat leaders believe that the violence and protests occurring in their states and large cities help promote the party narrative that President Trump has caused the racial and social division in America. By endorsing and supporting this civil unrest they believe they are helping to secure an election win for Biden. Once Biden wins, they are certain that the new president and Democrat-controlled Congress will pass massive assistance legislation to clean up the physical and economic damage they allowed and supported. Additionally, they believe and perhaps have been promised that the new regime will provide federal bailouts of their bankrupt pension systems and massive debt obligations. Such post-election actions by Democrats would unjustly reward many years of irresponsible liberal governance. Unfortunately, rewarding Democrat governors and mayors who were complicit in such civil unrest would only be the beginning of a radical transformation of the political, social, and economic systems of the United States. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in an interview with Dana Perino after the democrats defeated a slimmed-down Covid-19 Relief Package, highlighted some of the projected transformations that would be taken by Biden and a Democrat congress. They included:

1) Democrats take control of the Senate, and this will allow them to put an end to the filibuster. Though often abused by both parties, this legislative procedure has prevented a single party from imposing its will on the Senate and the American people.


2) The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will be given full representation in the House and Senate-- and four extra seats to the Democrats in the Senate for the foreseeable future.   

3) A Biden presidency gives the Senate and House firm control and the ability to pack the Supreme Court with 12 or more justices. Additionally, all federal level courts would be packed with liberals and left-leaning judges.  

In such a leftist legal system, the repeal of the 2nd Amendment and a comprehensive Green New Deal could not be far away. 

Victor Davis Hanson, in a speech delivered at Hillsdale College, forecasted some additional staggering legislation that would likely be enacted by the Democrats with a Biden win. Such actions would forever change the nature of government and society in America. 

1.) With all the three branches of government in their control, Democrats would impose a socialist economic and social agenda on the American people. Hanson notes that there would be little or no difference between the rights of a resident and a citizen. Our borders would be opened; all new immigrants would have full access to free health care and government subsidies. As residents, they could be given complete voting rights. To pay for such programs, it will be necessary to pass significant tax increases on all Americans. 

 2.) Once in control of the government, the Democrats would abolish the Electoral College. The popular vote would reign supreme with fly-over states becoming slaves to New York, California, and Illinois.


If Joe Biden wins the Election of 2020, odds are good he will be strong-armed into addressing the “original sin of slavery.” With Kamala Harris as vice-president, there is every indication that they will take nationwide California’s HR 40 actions establishing a Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans. The commission is established to examine slavery and discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies like reparation payments. This step would be just one of many wealth transfers as Democrats take another step to implement Black Lives Matter’s Marxist intentions.

John Perazzo goes into great detail in FrontPage about the Marxist underbelly of the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite the BLM Manifesto’s predominant focus on LGBT and racial inequities, “its overarching mission was to thoroughly discredit the United States as a detestable and irredeemable nation where black people are ‘collectively’ subjected to ‘inhumane conditions’ in a ‘white supremacist system’ that was originally ‘built  on indigenous genocide and chattel slavery.” Perazzo further states that “BLM’s pro-Marxist orientation was articulated with great passion at a BLM protest in July 2016, when Cornell University professor Russell Rickford declared, “We’ve got to build a grassroots, antiracist movement to defeat capitalism altogether, and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box. There can be no human system under capitalism. Capitalism is an anti-human system.” Perazzo reveals that BLM’s pro-Marxist orientation is closely allied with Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), a Marxist-Leninist group advocating the overthrow of capitalism.


A concerned citizen viewing video coverage of BLM members rioting, physically assaulting police and looting in Portland, laments, “this is what you see in third world countries not in America, how has it come to this?” The answer to the question is simple: The rioting, burning, looting and attacks on the police and citizens came out of a carefully orchestrated plan encouraged and supported by Democrats to ensure they win the 2020 Election. This action is supported by Democrat politicians and donors, including wealthy sports, film and music celebrities, BLM, Antifa, and the mainstream media.

The hypocritical irony is that most of the aforementioned individuals live behind high walls in gated communities, have armed private security, and believe their wealth and privilege will insulate them from legislation that turns America, like California, into a bankrupt, dysfunctional society of elitists and common folk that is ever ripe for chaotic revolution by the masses. 

In this sense of their privileged security, they are terribly wrong. America will mirror most other third world countries. Victor Davis Hanson has warned us that America was never intended to be a pure democracy like ancient Athens. The founding fathers' brilliance recognized that only a constitutional republic, carefully designed to protect the property and personal rights of the individual and limiting the possibilities of abnegation, could prevent the inevitable fate of all pure democracies--internal rebellion and mob rule. Our nation was established upon a foundation of constitutional representative democracy, the free enterprise system, and personal accountability rooted in Judeo-Christian religious beliefs. Take these away and America is America no more. 


If Biden wins, America loses.

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