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Ted Cruz: The Biggest Elephant in the Room

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To the Republicans in Washington who have habitually let down the American people, who is public enemy number one -- the Ayatollah Khomeini, Vladimir Putin, President Obama?


No, Ted Cruz.

To the liberal media that apparently believes in a socialist utopia, who threatens to spoil their self-destructive fantasy? ISIS, Russia, Iran?

No, Ted Cruz.

In the wake of the CNN debate, is there any wonder now why moderator Jake Tapper avoided and interrupted Ted Cruz all night?

Even establishment supporters like Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove acknowledge that Ted Cruz should be receiving more time during the debates.

Cruz is a top four candidate -- yet CNN relegated him to the bottom four in time allowed Wednesday night. In fact, he didn’t get much time in the Fox News debate either.

Ignoring the guy everyone else is now trying to impersonate is a great way to alter reality.

All of Ted Cruz’s A-Team opponents (excluding Jeb and John Kasich) are jockeying for Ted Cruz’s already proven credential. Why else are they promising to do the same thing Ted Cruz is already doing in Washington?

In fact, last night, Marco Rubio did great. Rubio has basically refined his Gang of Eight position on immigration and articulated Ted Cruz’s immigration position pretty closely.

While mistakes can be corrected, we need someone sure of the values and principles from the get-go. It is important that a President get it right the first time.

All of the candidates are evolving to conservative ideals -- except Ted Cruz. Cruz has been steadfast and spot on from his conservative upbringing. Cruz did not need to be convinced of the sanctity of life by graphic videos like Carly, Christie, and Kasich; and Cruz clearly did not need trial and error to understand the sacred bedrock of constitutional principles like Jeb and Ben Carson.


In fact, I bet Ted Cruz is the only candidate that has our Constitution memorized.

Cruz earned his distinction the hard way. Campaign talk is cheap; Cruz has done what he promised after being elected.

Why have none of the moderators addressed this? Ted Cruz is the biggest elephant in the room. Cruz has gone to Washington. Cruz is there. Cruz is fighting the corruption in both parties exactly like he said he would two years ago.

Frustrated voters are done with empty rhetoric and betrayal. Ted Cruz offers us the proven loyalty that America is craving. His integrity and devotion have a record. It’s time to place substance over hype.

With no greater threat to America than Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, Ted Cruz is the only candidate who has explained to the public how Republican leadership can stop the deal. It’s inexcusable that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner refuse to enforce the Corker law, which Republicans supported only to ensure Congress could review the entire deal.

Ted Cruz has explained that because President Obama’s secret side deals have not been submitted to Congress for review, the president has failed to comply with the rule of law -- once again. The Corker law provides McConnell the authority to stop Obama right now from lifting sanctions against Iran and from handing over billions of dollars to the mullahs in Iran responsible for killing Americans. Consequently, you have to wonder which side is McConnell on?


In fact, Ted Cruz, a Princeton and Harvard law school graduate, fearlessly called out McConnell as a liar this summer while exposing how both parties in Congress rob the taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars through the Export/Import Bank, which most of us have never heard of. From the Senate floor, Cruz called this secret “corporate welfare for a handful of giant corporations that write campaign checks [to career politicians] to keep them in power.”

By delivering on the promises that Cruz made to voters, the Texas senator has been branded a “jackass” by House Speaker John Boehner and a “wacko” by the Democrats’ favorite Republican, John McCain.

Welcomed endorsements like these have Cruz performing well in the polls.

Donald Trump remains in first, as he too has earned the coveted scorn of establishment Republicans and the media. However, unlike Ted Cruz, Trump has no record that voters can evaluate. Trump’s political past is all over the map, making it impossible for voters to gauge where Trump honestly stands.

Clearly, gambling with Donald Trump is exhilarating, but the high risks just seem like more than most of us can afford. Whether provocative words are more valuable than proven loyalty, Trump’s bottom line is riding on blind trust and an absence of tact.

Then again, even Ted Cruz has some risks. His sheer brilliance is off-putting to some people. His critics claim that Cruz led the Republican Party “over the cliff” by fighting to defund Obama’s health care law in 2013. The battle resulted in a three-week layoff of non-essential government employees. Socialists still call it a government shutdown.


Regardless, Republicans won a landslide victory in the 2014 midterm elections.

Now, Cruz promises to lead the fight to defund the demonic Planned Parenthood, as Republican leadership has already rolled over.

You have to wonder what Donald Trump’s truthful answer would be to the following question: If tragically you developed terminal cancer tonight, and could not run tomorrow, which of your opponents would you hope carries the torch for America?

The nation could benefit greatly by knowing who Donald Trump thinks is the most qualified candidate after himself.

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