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Nobody likes to lose. Yet, the liberal hysteria surrounding Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat would be laughable, if it didn’t portend things to come. So what is the root cause of this hysteria, and why should conservative Americans be wary going forward?


Most people are either thinkers or feelers. Thinkers tend to be conservatives. Feelers tend to be Democrats. I became a conservative because the Liberal positions I believed in for a long time turned out not to be factually supportable. When I turned to business, I also discovered that liberal positions hurt the people they claim to help.

Because most of the far-left liberals approach most things from an emotional standpoint, nothing they say, do, or believe makes sense. They literally do not live in reality, because if they engaged reason and logic, their worldview would collapse. Who likes to be wrong?

Here’s an example. I interviewed Kathleen Willey, who accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her. Willey told me that Hillary tried to destroy her, that the Clintons sent “fixers” out to threaten her life, killed her animals, and hounded her for months.

When I told this to liberal female friends, they refused to believe Willey. Even liberal women who themselves had been sexually assaulted, refused to believe the victim – contradicting their own mantra.

In order to maintain their fantasy world, liberals engage in projection as a defense mechanism. All the darkness that is within them gets projected onto conservatives – the proverbial “Other”. All they need, then, is for someone like Donald J. Trump to come along, who doesn’t speak carefully, wait for him to say one thing that can be interpreted as racist/sexist/homophobic, and suddenly they are “proven” right.

And then, the impossible happens. The vessel liberals have projected all their hate onto wins the presidential election. They have literally built Donald Trump into the Anti-Christ…who now is the country’s chief executive.


Hence, the hysteria. Once gripped by fear, the liberal mind spins everything into catastrophe. They can’t even be specific about their fears, just that “bad things will happen to minorities, women, gays, etc.”

People really think that there are going to be gangs going around beating up blacks and gays? That abortion and gay marriage will vanish? Do they even know the only way that happens is via constitutional Amendment, which the president has no role in, and would never happen anyway? Remember when Reagan was elected, and liberals said he would start a nuclear war? Or how some racist would assassinate Obama? Or that racist Republicans would impeach him? And that everyone would have affordable health care now?

How bad is it?

A former Marine, who is now a teacher, told me that two students asked him to teach them how to use a gun. He asked why. They said that “Now that Trump is president, the KKK can roam the streets freely. We want to protect ourselves.” He asked why they wanted a gun. “Because it’s our RIGHT!”

These are the same people who have been screaming about gun control for the past eight years. They don’t even know what they believe.

So, back to reality.

Nobody knows what Donald Trump will do as president. Some believe he may even institute some Democratic policies. Yet none of this will matter. Donald Trump could institute communist policies, and liberals will always regard him as evil.

But since they cannot get to him, they will try and get to us. If you thought the past eight years were bad, it will be even worse now. Remember, the hate and intolerance the Left projects resides within them. They will still pin everything they can on us, and they will still have the media to propagate their nonsense.


You can fight this three ways, depending on temperament.

1) Ridicule them. This is fun. It generates great reactions. It makes them mad. Best of all, it takes Alinsky and turns it back on them.

2) Throw it back at them. Just smile, and quote former President Barack Obama: “We won. Elections have consequences.”

3) Be magnanimous. Carefully explain why they are wrong. Tell them to write down their specific fears, if they can even manage to do that, put them in a drawer, and revisit that list in 2020. Few, if any, of those fears will come to pass.

It would be nice to say we should come together and play nice. Perhaps we can. Perhaps President-elect Donald Trump will lead by example and surprise us all again. Perhaps we will emerge eight years from now as a better and stronger nation, united.

For now, however, expect to see the worst from the Left…and be prepared.

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