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AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

The sadness, and subsequent heroic response, of the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas will, as time passes, inevitably be spun by the left into calls for more so-called gun control.  


There was great gun control in the West Freeway Church of Christ that sad day.  Individual parishioners carried weapons and prevented many more people from dying by shooting the bad guy.  Second, not a single parishioner was hit by rounds fired by their fellow armed parishioners.  Of course, the left will try and spin such statements as “insensitive.”  We who support the Second Amendment as a God-given right, as told to us by the Founders, are very sensitive when it comes to people’s lives being at stake.  We do not care about the diabolical definition of sensitivity given by the left.

What really is sensitive is more people going home to see their families this New Year instead of the church members, at least the ones who survived, having to decide which of the multiple funerals being held for their friends that they will attend.  What really is sensitive is allowing children to have parents who are alive to look up to, ask questions about life, and take care of when they are older.  What really is sensitive is parents not having to bury their child, a pain so deep that God himself literally knows it through Jesus, but instead seeing their child grow up Godly minded, and possibly having a family of their own.  What really is sensitive is young schoolchildren being able to grow up with their peers who are alive, instead of living with survivor guilt and wondering “Why them? Not me?”


The left will say “Maybe the suspect (i.e. not “the murderer”) was killed by the congregation but we need to get the guns in the first place so this won’t happen again.” What a load of utopian rubbish. The left does not believe in the 'sin nature' of man but instead believes utopia is possible.  For a philosophy that believes in Darwinism as opposed to the Christian ethic, we certainly have not evolved in getting rid of the 'sin nature' of man.  This is why the left cannot be trusted.

The left will even say guns do not belong in church, because a church is a place of holiness.  That reminds me of when Satan, who knows the Bible very well, tried to seduce Jesus.  Since when has the left cared about the Church as a place of holiness?  Does leftism care about the Christian teachings on abortion, sexuality, the rights of the Church versus government, the rights of the individual as opposed to government and, most importantly, the salvation offered through Jesus Christ alone to the exclusion of all others?  Obama looked down on guns, the Church, and the people who partake in them both saying that we “cling to guns and religion.”  Thankfully, clinging to guns and religion will make this church shooting, while tragic, more bearable.


The left does not care for the philosophy of the Church, unlike conservatism which perpetuates the beauty of the eternal, for the left is the power hungry Pharisee.  They will never stop their lust for power.  They said a little government intervention at first, and then it became a little more, a little more, and even more.  It never stops.  They said a little government involvement in medical care, then came Obamacare where many lost their promised doctors, and now the left says to give their side more power.  They said a little government education, and now the left is at the point of believing the government knows better than the decent people of this nation on how to raise children.  They said a little gun control, and now want so much that innocent people are no longer safe.

Actually, maybe the left won’t say anything, at least right now, because the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ shows half of the reason why the Second Amendment actually works, i.e. personal protection and the other, more foundational reason, half being protection from tyranny.  The left may simply wait for the next shooting where people are unarmed to call for more taking away guns from innocent people.


Either way, the left’s emotions run away with them on these most fundamental issues.  This is why they are not to be trusted with policy.  This is why I will never entrust them with my children. This is why I will never vote for them. This is why I do not trust them with leadership in the Church.  And this is why I will always be armed against tyranny.

*Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not any public or private entity.

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